Student Life office – Durham College

The student life office is responsible for
all the orientation programming that takes place on campus. So we have a number of different events that
we coordinate to help students transition to post secondary education in their first
year. We begin with e-mentoring right at the time
they register, and we launch a micro-site that contains all the information you need
to get your books, pay your bills, register for courses, rent a locker. It will tell you
how to do everything you want to do before you come on campus. Our get prepared for success event, students
participate in different sessions where they are able to learn about all the campus services
that are offered to them. And then we do the DC first year fun fair,
which takes place right outside the student services building. We do a free barbeque,
we invite inflatable games to come on campus, there is a clubs and service fair so students
can learn about all the different clubs we have on campus. Are first generation student coordinator does
a ton of different programming for first gen students. When I came here first I was totally lost
about what has to be done, and where to get my things sorted out. Like you know my time
table and everything. The first gen coordinator has several activities
throughout the year. One of which is lattes with Lucy. Where you have any questions about
any concerns you have during the academic year. Anything that’s troubling you can definitely
go and speak to Lucy about it. She also does success matters workshop programming,
where she invites guest speakers in and students are able to come and learn about careers,
or participate in academic workshops through our SALS centre. She also sends out monthly e-newsletters to
provide students with all kinds of updates, and students can pop by the student life office
and drop in to see her and she’ll be able to help them with anything they are looking
for. The DC crew is a leadership program where
a diverse group of students come together and they’re there to leadership roles such
as, there for the campus tours. They’re there for orientation so that students can approach
them have any questions answered, but it’s also very fun to be involved with as well. Getting involved on campus is important. We
spend a lot of time here, so making it feel more like home, and making it feel like that
for other students i a great opportunity. I found out about the DC crew during orientation
week. I came in here not knowing what to do, and I saw this group of energetic individuals
and their bright orange shirts, and I knew they were approachable individuals. They support us welcoming new students to
the campus, they answer questions, they offer tours, and they just really support campus
in all the activities and events that we do. The co-curricular recognition program is the
over arching way that Durham College recognizes student leaders on campus. Those activities and learning outcomes go
on a record, so that students at the end of their year see what they’ve learned and been
involved with on campus. They can also use that information when they
are building a portfolio to apply to jobs. It’s important to get involved in campus activities
because that an opportunity to tie some of the things you’re learning in the classroom
with some of the activities and events we have at the college. It will also help you gain some employ-ability
skills that will give you a good compliment to your diploma. Getting involved on campus is really important
for a Durham College student. It provides you with an opportunity to meet friends in
different areas outside of your program that you may not necessarily have the opportunity
to meet. It also gives you outside of the classroom
experiences, it provides leadership opportunities, and it really makes your experience here at
Durham College. So I would suggest that any student that really
wants to get engaged and involved on campus comes to see us in the Student Life office.

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