Student Voices: Transition to Digital


[ Music ]>>A very hectic time in semester, just
trying to find the best deal I can so I’m able to get my materials for the course.>>But having that ability
to go digital and access it from wherever, whenever has helped me so much.>>But I’ve used a lot of digital course
materials in actually my Spanish Classes, my like, general education classes. Very convenient, it was already packaged
for you, ready to go, which is really nice. [ Music ]>>The nice about integrating
technology into my school work is that, I get to have a lot more accessibility. So, I mean, where I might do a
little bit of work on my phone, later I can go home and finish
it on my computer. So, I like that being able to switch back
and forth, that’s really beneficial to me. [ Music ]>>With my first class with
Inclusive Access I found it very easy to access my textbook on the very first day. I just simply opted in, entered my
access code that I got right away, and was able to access materials
the very first day of classes. And it was the best deal around, so that
saved me so much time, so much stress. And it really was relieving to
have my materials the first day and not get behind in my classes from day one. [ Music ]


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