Studying Liberal Arts at the University of Leeds as an International Student

I went to see most of the places that I applied to and Leeds just seemed like it was really friendly, really fun, and with lots going on. When I started, it was the first year of the course. So it just seemed like a really exciting opportunity. A lot of times in first year people would be like,
what is Liberal Arts? It’s just a pick and mix degree. I take what I want, put it together and get a BA at the end of it. You can go on a year abroad, you can go and do a year in the industry,
which is what I did. And then the second year module was a research project,
which was really, really cool. So I worked with the civic trust. We made a walk for Leeds. So we went through a lot of local history,
which was really, really cool. I don’t think a lot of other courses allow
you to do something like that. It’s really, really fun. For my placement I ended up doing a lot of informal research cause I
was teaching for a year, so I had to do lessons on whatever I wanted. So my presentation skills got really good. Everyone has a very different perspective and everyone has very
different things that they want to do and very different talents. It also just makes you think a lot different ways and also just makes
your essays better in general. I would recommend it to anyone who loves to learn
because you learn so many different things.

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