Support Full & Fair Funding for Public Education


Fremont Unified School District has a longstanding
and well-earned reputation for extraordinary public schools. We’ve received numerous state and national
recognitions and our students are regularly sought out for esteemed college and career
opportunities. To achieve such heights, they rely on us,
their educators, staff, and supporters, to come together and ensure that their futures
are secure. Right now, we are facing financially challenging
times in FUSD and need your help to change that reality. Did you know that despite California having
what would be considered the fifth largest economy in the world, our schools are funded
in the bottom five of all fifty states? Though the media has been touting that public
education is now “fully funded”, it is misleading in that it really means we have
been restored to the 2008 funding level–which is nowhere near enough to meet the needs of
our schools and community in 2019 and beyond. In addition, the state continues to add financial
responsibilities to school districts without providing the necessary funding to support
those mandates. Compounded by the high cost of living in the
Bay Area, many districts find it increasingly difficult to keep pace with providing a living
wage for those who serve our families. Fremont Unified School District has had unparalleled
success in the Bay Area due to the quality and commitment of our employees. Our human resources are the most critical
resources we have in providing the best education for our students, but we are reliant on the
State of California’s insecure and insufficient funding model, which fluctuates based on market
conditions and income taxes. We believe that public education dollars must
instead be guaranteed; our future depends on it. Several professional organizations that our
educators, administrators, and Board members belong to have joined together to appeal to
the legislature to raise California school funding to the national average by 2020 and
to the average of the top ten states by 2025. Don’t our 35,000 students in Fremont along
with the other 6.2 million in the rest of the state deserve at least to be “average”
among their peers in other states? Of course, we all know that average is a far
cry from the superior education we strive to be able to continue to provide here in
FUSD. How can you help? Contact your local elected officials to support
the passage of key legislation to improve our public education funding model. As the Golden State Warriors always say, “Strength
in Numbers”. That is why we’ve united together to share
this message and call to action. It takes all of us focused on improving the
state’s funding model to meet the needs of our diverse and inspiring next generation. We have to do better for them. It’s why we became educators. And it’s why we will fight for what’s
right for our children. Thank you for joining us in our efforts.


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