Ted Rogers School of Management Hosts 24 Hour Microsoft Hackathon

How’s everyone doing? Fantastic! So, who’s
ready to write some code? Okay. Yeah. We’re really trying to get people to hang out here
for twenty four hours straight, so let’s do that. What’s going to happen is at 3 o’clock
tomorrow, you need to be ready to pitch your app. I was just looking to get more actual
programming experience. I was hoping to get hands-on experience and I’m also here for
the guidelines. Like we have people from Microsoft and 500 pixels, so it’s a really great opportunity
for some hands-on coding experience with experts in the field. This is actually my first Hackathon
and I’m a really big networker. So I just wanted to meet some more developers and more
people from kind of like the tech field. The reason I joined the Hackathon, I wanted to
learn more about Microsoft, building Microsoft apps. And I can meet different people, design
people, the developers, and the business people as well. We have three developers and Jany
here is our business person, so we sorta have her doing, helping with UI and business aspect
of things, while the rest of us are sort of splitting coding into like the actual XML
and the actual coding of C sharp. Our app is going to be helpful for students and we
think that it’s a really unique application that will be really helpful to students. Yeah,
I’m really pumped about this. Our app is best at finding important information for citing
web sources in essays in MLA format. So let’s say I’m browsing this website. I’m writing
an essay on a car review, for example. So what I can do is go right into Easy Ref and
search this URL and it will return the information right there. Let’s say I’m working really
fast, and I want to do a search right away. Well, that’s possible. Just hit Control V
to paste, select Easy Ref and you’ll notice, it goes straight to the results page. You
know, it was a great experience. I really learned a lot. I knew a little bit about Windows
8 app development before but now I think my knowledge has increased like tenfold. So overall,
it was a great experience, the conferences were great. We had great speakers. Overall,
it was very informative.

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