The best way to explore is with a local- Culebra, Puerto Rico! – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 233


Good morning. Today is a very, very,
very exciting day, because we are going to
set sail for Puerto Rico. We’ve been hearing the
most stunning things about this place and, of
course, its Latin culture, which means there’s always going
to be good food, good music, good dancing, and good people. And I think we’re all
just really, really keen to make our way over there. Got 20 knots today. Going to have good wind. Should be down when
sailing, fairly low seas. I think it’s going to be
a pretty cool passage. It’s pretty short. The Spanish Virgin Islands,
the island of Culebra. Going to check the
old engine here. This engine has almost
7,300 hours on it. It does not burn
one drop of oil. I think that’s pretty good. Maybe it’s because I changed
the oil every 250 hours. I think it’s due for a
change now, actually. I have to do that soon. I generally also look around
for anything that just seems a little out of ordinary. But everything looks
normal, ready to go. [MUSIC PLAYING] How’s the belly
when you’re sailing? Yeah. Sometimes it’s really good. And sometimes it’s not so good. [LAUGHS] It was worse during
the first three months? Yeah. It’s definitely getting better,
but it’ll be a good one today. It will be downwind and
the beautiful day sail. [MUSIC PLAYING] Wow, and good speed. Nice, ha bro? Just the four of us, quiet boat. [MUSIC PLAYING] Pole time. Yeah. Downwind. Furl the sale in,
put the pole out. Oh, that was just so cold. Everybody ready? Ready. Jib coming out. [MUSIC PLAYING] What’s the name of
the sail, Brady? This is a gennaker. So it’s like a genoa made
out of spinnaker material. So it’s super light, but
instead of being asymmetrical, it actually attaches
to the forestay. But it’s a really cool sail. Well, the [? Melges, ?] in
general, are really good design for dead downwind so
you don’t need a jibe. So you’ll see when we
have both poles up, it’s pretty much like
having an asymmetrical but the benefit of having two
smaller sails to work with. And you can furl them together. You get the squall, you
can furl them both up. [MUSIC PLAYING] No twisted and tangled
in a telephone line. Way past there, I’m off
tonight and weary eyed, unwound and I’m sound asleep. Butterflies wake with
me in the morning. Oh, how long has it been
since they’ve been around? A good spot this was. Yep. Comfy, aye? Very comfy. This is a good–
yeah, it’s just always good feelings come
when that sails up. It’s always calm and
nice and downwind. And it matches the Puerto
Rican flag perfect. Woohoo. Puerto Rico, baby. Yeah. It’s quite a narrow
entrance, but we’re about to go right
through the channel here. It was reef on both sides. Right there. Anchors ready. OK. [MUSIC PLAYING] There’s about six meters. How much chain are
you going to put out? Put out about 30 something
meters, and then we’ll snub it. 35 in total. Back in. So I like to back
in least 1,500 RPM. And that simulates
quite a bit of breeze. Probably well over 50
knots, I would say. And we just watch. Yeah, we’re hooked real good. OK. You can snub it. That’s it. Nice anchorage. I don’t even know you
and I feel like I know so much about all of you guys. We feel like where their
friends, and we’re not at all. You’re our friends. [LAUGHTER] Get off and say, hi. That’s good. [INAUDIBLE] So? Who’s that, Brady? So this is Nestor. And he sent us some
messages on Instagram because he heard we
were coming to Culebra. And we literally just anchored
and he’s out here welcoming us to his beautiful island. So I think we’re going
to get a cool locals perspective of this spot. So what’s your guys story? Did you grow up here? I am born and raised here. OK. On this island? On this island, five
generations from here. Oh, wow. Yep. And I’m from New York, but I’ve
lived here for like 12 years now. Sweet. Cool. You guys don’t mind
if we film, do you? No. No, of course not. OK. Sweet. [LAUGHTER] And that blue hull? That’s my baby right there. Wow. 35 foot Pearson Alberg is ours. Cool. Cool. We live aboard. That’s where we live. We’ve been living on
it for seven years now. My dream was always
to have a sailboat. What are we doing? We’re going to go explore
around with our new friends. They’re going to show
us the local spots. So I’m pretty excited. I like this place already. It has a good vibe
and the best way to see a place is always,
always, always with the locals. So they’re going to
show us what’s up. All right. Nestor hooked us up with a ride. We’re going to go
explore Culebra. It’s like a dinghy ride on land. Yes. [INAUDIBLE] [INTERPOSING VOICES] Yeah, Delos loves
a good car ride. This is true. And in the back of
the truck, the better. The rougher, the better. [LAUGHTER] I feel like every Latin
country I’ve ever been to it’s just like– [INAUDIBLE] I don’t know. Just, like, the pace is
very different or something. It’s so hard to put your
finger on, but it’s consistent. It’s chill, but stuff happens. And they make good food
and have good music. Yes. Yeah. [MUSIC PLAYING] When you guys hit near
[INAUDIBLE] we were like, they’re in the Caribbean. We’re going to get them to go
to [INAUDIBLE] So here we are, man. It’s a blessing to see you
guys here in our restaurant. Acai. Dude, I feel like it’s
like a mini Brazil. Everyone is so friendly
and so genuine. And you can get Acai bowls. [LAUGHTER] Oh. Those are really good, too. So good. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CHATTER] We’re at Dinghy Dock for Congo
Night with [? Wicky ?] Sounds. It happens every Saturday
night here in Culebra. And everyone comes and dances. Just good vibes
and we chill out. It’s good times. [MUSIC PLAYING] What’s the plan for today? Well, kite boarding
doesn’t work out today because there’s no wind again. So Nestor is going to take
us– him and Annabel are going to take us in their little– Yeah, please. is it too loud? Right. I’ll just restart that. [LAUGHTER] Hello. How’s it going? Pretty good. What’s the plan for today? Well, there’s no wind
today for kite boarding. So Nestor and Annabel
are going to take us in their little
center console tender, and we’re going to go around
the corner to Culebrita. And we’re going to
go hike a lighthouse. And I’m sure Nestor is going
to have some good exploration and guiding for us. Hey, what’s up, Mister? What’s up? Mister Senor. Si. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Si. You know the history
of the lighthouse? I know the history
of the high house. It was built by the Spaniards. It was built by the same
people that built El Morro. That someone is like
a famous designer. And he was– for
the longest it’s been the oldest working
lighthouse in the Caribbean. Because he’s building it 1800s. Wow. Yeah. That’s really cool. [MUSIC PLAYING] What an incredible beach. This is a really,
really beautiful spot. It’s cool to go on
the fast boat, too. We never got to go in
speedboats speeding around. So this is awesome. It’s a really cool afternoon
adventure with friends. [MUSIC PLAYING] [INAUDIBLE] trail this way
Man, this is a good spot. Puerto Rico, so far. It has good vibes. It does. I’m checking all the
things off the list. So we’re going to go
to the lighthouse. It’s a beautiful day for a hike. It sure is. Ow. Oh, thorns. Fuck. Ow. Look at this plant. It’s filled with thornies. [MUSIC PLAYING] So we are going up
on this hill here. I can definitely notice a little
bit of a change in my body, that I get, like, tired quicker. And walking like this,
a bit hotter quicker. Need to drink way more
water than I usually do. But it’s cool that
I can still do this. It feels good. Even with a belly. [LAUGHS] Wow, look at this spot. All right, I have a
question, how many hurricanes do you
think that building has survived since it was built? Five. Five? I think it’s been
way more than that. When was it built? In the 1800s. So it’s probably like almost
200 years old or something. Yeah. It’s got to be like between
50 to 100 hurricanes. Yeah. Wow. This place is stunning. It’s so cool to go
into old buildings like this that are
all dilapidated and just walk around. And think of all the
people that have had their path crossed right here. And all the history behind it. And now, it’s just come to this. It’s like barely standing. No roof or anything,
but I think they are going to start restoring it. So it would be cool to
come back one day a future and see if they’ve changed it
all or if it’s still standing. Look at that freaking view. Whoa. Wow. Yes, please. We need to be a very,
very good for view. What do you think
about this view? Really nice. I like going into
abandoned buildings. Dude, why is it so fun? [MUSIC PLAYING] That was a really cool spot. Now, we’re going to walk down
the little hill again and maybe check out the baths. Which seems pretty cool,
this like tidal pools. [MUSIC PLAYING] You going to jump, Brady? Is it cold? It’s not that cold, actually. Hey, are you going to jump? Merry Christmas. [MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah. Get in. [MUSIC PLAYING] Nice. Tonight is Kazza’s
cooking night. Yeah my day will be switched
for tomorrow, I think. [LAUGHS] Because we have
guests in the kitchen. We have a guest
chef and sous chef– Yes. –this evening. And what are we preparing? We are going to make
Puerto Rican mofongo. Vegetables and criollo. The criollo sauce. Yeah. And some back and shin
meat for appetizer. OK. [INAUDIBLE] How about how about this one? We’re just peeling
the green banana. The platanos. The platanos. We usually cut the ends,
and then you just slice it. And they are a little tough
because they’re green. So you have to just kind
of like take your patience. Yeah. I think your mom usually uses
a spoon for peeling them. Yeah. We can try the spoon. I always like to use my fingers. Well, I’m fucking murdering
this one because she has the camera on it. [LAUGHTER] OK. Redo. [MUSIC PLAYING] For the mofongo, you need to
put on a lot of garlic on it. It’s good for your heart. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Oh, yeah. Some frying glasses. [LAUGHTER] Banana’s right in there? Yeah. That’s this. Next step is putting some
garlic in the fried plantains. And a little bit of oil. And some salt. And a little salt, yeah. And then, we get the mashing. Find like a bowl, anything
to give it it’s shape. Yeah, that’s my tea cup. We put this stuff in it. [SIDE CONVERSATION] Wow. Then it comes out like that. Oh. And then you can fill it with
whatever goodness you want. [SIDE CONVERSATION] Oh, gracias. Yeah. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Knock yourself out. Mm. White bean. That white bean is good. So what does mofongo mean? Mo fon go. Where’d my phone go? [LAUGHTER] Where’d my phone go? Where’d my phone go, gringo? [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Oh, that’s good. To new friends. Thank you, guys. Yeah. To new friends. Yeah. You guys should open
up a restaurant. Yeah, maybe. [LAUGHTER] It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. And we just got delivered– I don’t think we’re ever
leaving this place, man. I get a call from Nestor
on the phone, hey, I’m circling your boat. I got some deliveries for you. What are you talking about? It’s 8:00 in the morning. Go outside he’s got four
big acai bowls for us. Just healthy goodness. He rocks up to this little boat. They’re so cute. Because I ordered hemp
seeds on my food yesterday, so they even brought a
little side of hemp seeds. They’re so nice. So nice. So sweet. And healthy too. Also, this is the best
acai I’ve ever had. It’s really good. It’s so good. The consistency of it is– So what are the plans for today? Do we anything on the agenda? I think, after we
work for a little bit. [LAUGHTER] He’s [INAUDIBLE]. What was that, Brady? You used to be a reggaeton DJ? Yeah, we’re talking
about reggaeton and Nestor didn’t know I
used to be a reggaeton DJ. I think I remember
seeing you in the– [HORN SOUNDS] Rewind. Rewind. [? Drop ?] [? double ?] [? Z. ?] [HORN SOUNDS] [LAUGHTER] It’s the best app ever. That’s just hilarious. Just a typical work
morning in here. We try to get stuff done. Trying to get shit done. [LAUGHTER] What are we doing today? We’re going to be doing a
little present for Delos. It’s my pride to
donate something. And I’ve been doing
[? canvas ?] work and learning to do
[? canvas ?] work for a while. And I saw that he has
our scoop in the back. And I was wondering like,
what can I do for Delos? And I ask him and he’s
like, let’s do it together. So we going to do a new scoop. To build something
here so that we don’t have to close
this hatch every time it starts to rain and blasts
water all over our computers. Yeah. And it’s going to
be like [INAUDIBLE].. I did a little
sketch last night. Yeah, it goes like that. So this would be the deck level. Right? Mm-hm. This would be the hatch. But I don’t know if we
should do it as a box or as is a triangle or a– you know, like a tent? Like hurt. Well, let’s discuss
some pros and cons, and then we’ll come
back with some options. Sounds great. So we’re going to build
something like that. Like a roof? OK. So based on fitting the
existing hatch up there, we have a revised design. It’s got and improved
ergonomic curved top. This front part is going
to be slightly slanted back to help the airflow. This is the hatch
inside this chamber. I don’t think it’s going
to be that difficult to do. I like the way you think. I don’t think so. Smells like new, huh? Oh, yeah. We’ve only used it a few times. Nice. [LAUGHTER] New sailor [INAUDIBLE]. Just learning how
to hot knife here. I guess we’re just
patterning this curve. So this is double sided tape
made especially for Sunbrella? Yes, sir. And this helps it be
waterproof as well. It’s a really nice machine. Makes it so easy when
you have the right shit. Oh, yeah. I’m having fun, man. This is good to learn. How long you been
working on this for? What time is it? It is 4 o’clock. Started at like– 10:30. –10:00 or 10:30. So six hours in? But we’re making progress. That’s cool. We have decided to
make two of them. Oh, really? Yeah. On for? For you. One for your hatch. [CHEERS] [LAUGHTER] Beautiful. Oh. Yeah. Yes. We need to this side where we’re
going to put the attachments. About to do our first
test fitting here. Look at that thing, man. It’s pretty sweet, huh? Holy shit, that’s cool. Good job, guys. Sleep EZ, the hooded warrior. Now available from– [LAUGHTER] –the slutty seamstress, Nestor. Sleep EZ number one. Oh, yeah. Oh, that’s great airflow. Yeah. Yeah, it’s great. Look at that. It’s great. [INAUDIBLE], you like it? I like it. Good job. Approved. Rain proof. It looks really cool. It’s raining outside. Our Sleep EZ is being
put to the test. Any water droplets yet? I haven’t seen one come in yet. Not one bit of moisture
coming in here. That’s cool. What are you doing, Brady? I got a message from
my best friend’s mom. She’s talking about crazy
government grants and stuff. And I thought for a
second it was her, because you never
really know what’s going on with our parents these days. But it turns out, it’s a scam. I texted this number. They said, applying
for a grant is easy. We can help you out with it. And they gave me all these
questions, name, address, sex. My name is Talon Montgomery. I live at 6969
Bubble Salad Court. Sex, I put no. Age, I put 69. Marital status, I took
it as martial status, so I put black belt almost. Have a disability,
allergic to the sun. I have a pager number but
don’t page me after 9:00 AM. Email address, I already
gave you my address above. My income is
$560,000 US a month. Do I have a car? No, I only travel by helicopter. My occupation is founder
of the Central Seamstress, we make this Sleep EZ. Yeah we’ll see where it goes. I figure if I take up
these people’s time, it’s less time they
have to scam people that are actually scamable. And you love doing it. Yeah. I love it. [LAUGHTER] Good. OK. Ready? Take two. And cue. Good morning. I’m using the resources
of having smart Delos people all around, and I’ve been
refitting these Westsail that I got after Hurricane Maria. What happened to the rudder
during the hurricane? The rudder– well, the boat– it was in a mooring and
we broke from the mooring, and it ran aground– ashore. The tide was so high that
kind of like climbed up there and it lost maybe
like a foot and a half of the bottom of the rudder. So I put foam in
West System and– I don’t know. Like a week and a half of work,
and then painted all the white. Build the new cheeks,
build everything new. So it should be good to go. May as well say what’s
the name of the boat it. Christopher Robin. What? That’s how you say
the name in Swedish. Christopher Robin. Christopher Robin? OK, lads. How do you say it? Christopher Robin. [LAUGHTER] Nice. Nice. Nice. So, Nestor, you bought
her for how much? 4,000? $4,000. $4,000 US for this boat. Pretty easy deal. Yeah. How much time do
you think you’ve got into this boat in hours? Tons of hours. When I bought it, it
was full of water. And we spent a month
cleaning every day from 10:00 until 10:00 at night– Fuck. –to save the
inside of the boat. And which we did. The rudder was broken. And that’s what we’re
going to do today. We’re going to reinstall
that rudder that I just finished rebuilding it. It should be good to go. All right, man. Let’s do this. Let’s get to work. OK. So step one, we’ve
got two big anchors. And we’re going to walk them to
the back of Christopher Robin to use it to weigh the rudder
down because it’s so buoyant. So we need to weigh it down
as we’re putting the pins in. Let’s see if Brian can walk on
the bottom with these anchors. [MUSIC PLAYING] Looks nice. Thank you, sir. Got the first pin in. And he’s working on
the middle and now. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, this thing is so buoyant. I just have to hold it straight
so it doesn’t float up off on side of the boat. [MUSIC PLAYING] Are there no holes on that side? No. Did I not drill
it at the bottom? [LAUGHTER] Well, we’ve got it
all lined up good, and then we noticed on the
bottom, there’s only one hole. Somebody forgot the
drill the holes. [LAUGHTER] Oh, my God. Sorry. I wonder who that was? Oopsie. Oopsie. He was too excited. He was too excited. Sorry. Fuck. Good thing we have
an underwater drill. We finally get to use this
for something practical. OK. Step one, you pressurize it. Not very much, just to
about two or three bar. Which is what? 30, 40 PSI. And then, it’s going to go down
for like 50 meters or something crazy. What? So there’s three bars. And then, you just drill. [LAUGHTER] I love working on. Boats so I pretty much
jumped at the chance for an underwater
rudder install. Nestor and Annabel opened
their home and hearts to us. And to be able to give
a little something back that would help them with
their cruising dreams, brought out experience full
circle here in Culebra. Plus, I really, really wanted
to use my underwater drill. How cool is this thing? And just like that, it was
time for Delos and crew to set sail for the Bahamas. Ahoy, Delos Tribe. We’ve torture tested these
new long-sleeve, sun-resistant shirts on Delos, and
we’re happy to say, they totally wasted our abuse. Kazza did the design of
Delos selling on the globe. And the stretchy material
is oh, so comfortable. They’re available in men’s
and women’s sizes to fit all. And they’re printed
and limited quantities, so get them while they’re hot. Ten points goes to whoever
can figure out what is. Twelve celebrities you didn’t
know were Puerto Rican. That’s what we’re
wasting data on. [LAUGHTER] That thing’s digital, right? Oh, yeah. Good jive, guys. [LAUGHTER] That’s funny. Gotcha. I have to pee really bad. You’re peeing for two. [INAUDIBLE] Show me your penis again. That’s just really
disturbing, Kazza. Business in the front,
party in the back. Look at that. [LAUGHTER] You like it? I like it a lot. [POPPING SOUND]


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