The Greatest Failed Experiment Ever

There were lots of things scientists believed
a century or two ago that might sound weird to us today. For one thing, they once thought atoms looked
like plum pudding. But over time, as researchers have done more
experiments and developed new theories, those ideas have evolved into the science we know
today. And one of the most game-changing experiments
ever was what’s known as the Michelson-Morley Experiment — not because of what it /did/
find, but because of what it didn’t. See, physicists used to think that all of
space and time was filled with what they called the aether: an invisible material that wasn’t
interacting with anything, but was giving light its speed. No one had ever /detected/ this aether, but
scientists figured it had to be there — they knew that light acted like a wave, and waves
seemed to need a material to travel through. Throughout the 19th century, evidence was
piling up that light was a wave — it reflected like a wave, it interfered with itself like
a wave… … So it would make sense for light to get
around like other waves, too — by moving particles back and forth. In ocean waves, for example, the water molecules
move up and down. And in sound waves, air particles move back
and forth. So it would make sense for light to be moving
around /something/, even if it was invisible — and physicists called that something the
aether. In the spring of 1887, in Cleveland, Ohio,
Albert Michelson and Edward Morley set up an experiment to learn more about the aether,
by looking for the effects of something called the aether wind. You know how when you try to yell into a particularly
strong gust of wind, your voice won’t get very far, but if you yell /with/ the wind,
it’ll go much farther? Well, scientists assumed that as Earth moved
through this aether, it would create a similar kind of wind — but one that would affect
the speed of light from Earth’s perspective. So Michelson and Morley set up beams of light
in a way that should have given them different speeds, depending on whether they were traveling
with, against, or perpendicular, to the aether wind. They then bounced the two beams off of mirrors
so that they eventually reunited with each other, and predicted the beams would arrive
at slightly different times — since they’d been sped up or slowed down by the wind. But the result? One of the greatest failed
experiments of all time. There seemed to be no difference between the
two beams. It was like Earth wasn’t moving through any kind of aether at all. Over the next few years, physicists tried
to figure out how that could possibly make sense. Some said that the experiment just wasn’t
accurate enough — and tried repeating it with better and better equipment. But they
still didn’t find anything. Eventually, they had to accept that it seemed
like there was no such thing as an aether. Instead, light is just… different from other
waves. Turns out that the speed of light isn’t affected by an invisible aether, and light
speed through a vacuum is always the same. Space and time will even bend themselves to
fit — which is where Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity comes in. He helped put all these pieces together, showing
that physics could work even without the aether. It just meant that completely mind-bending
things had to be happening, like time slowing itself down. And unlike with the aether, experiments have
shown that Einstein was right. Meanwhile, more physicists were working on
some of the other questions raised by the fact that the aether didn’t exist. Mainly: if light wasn’t like a regular wave,
what was it? After a whole lot of experimenting, they realized
that even though light did act like a wave /sometimes/, it also acted like a particle
— what’s known as the wave-particle duality. It was another brain-melting idea, and one
that eventually led to another whole new field in physics — quantum mechanics, the science
of the very small. So, the Michelson-Morley Experiment might
have banished the aether to the history books. But its failure also led to some of the most
important ideas in science. Thanks for watching this episode of SciShow
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Irony is the experiment didn't detect solar winds either, hmm. They denounce the aether then a century later return with dark matter lol

This is a good video on a good topic, but as other comments have alluded, I think it’s scientifically unwise to call it a “failed experiment.” It was a completely-successful experiment find out whether the Aether exists or not, and it found out that it doesn’t exist. That’s a distinction that all too many in the lay public don’t understand, and should understand.

Give that scientists a pat on the back

Even if your theory was wrong it's just as important to know that there isn't an aether as it would be to know that there is one. And look at the wonders of scientific discoveries it lead to.

>,< Ether a chemical used to KO ppl for old timey surgery! AEther , pronounce A-E-ther cosmos fill or the stuffs from another less corporal plane of existence.

There is no such thing as a failed science experiment. You always learn something, regardless of the results. A hypothesis is supported or not supported, not correct or incorrect.

this is the most dangerous video i've watched. popularizing the idea that there is no ether…. something the most famed, successful scientist in history assured us exists. yet no mention of him. i'd suggest you stfu

US Air Force repeated the experiment in 1986 and discovered that the field actually exists.
This 'sci' channel is living in the past.

However, the same experiment, at much larger scale and precision, successfully detected gravity waves. So, aether exists after all?

The aether is not a medium that is in space. Looking for the aether in space will not work. The aether is the field-boundary between space & counter-space. Space is a result of the aether. Space is in the aether, not the aether is in space. That's exactly why in power lines the true power flows between the power lines, not inside them. A wave isn't a thing. It is an action. A wave is what something does. A 'sound wave' is just movement. Not a thing. Its a measurement of reciprocation. There will be more aether experiments to come. All of electrical theory depends on an aether, & electricity works. Sooooooooo: <Insert Extrapolation Here>

Ummm question, what possibility is it that dark matter is what is influencing the light waved (I’m not promoting aether as dark matter does not interact with light, my understanding is that it’s the dark matter’s gravity that interferes with light)?

An invisible material that didn't interract with anything, that gave light it's speed = aether.
An invisible material that doesn't interract with anything that gives galaxies mass = dark matter.
:)) Does anybody else see a pattern forming here? :))

In other words. "We're forced to believe excessive unprovable pseudo science nonsense from Einstein to hypothesize a globular earth." Its fake and the earth is actually flat.

He's a fookin liar….it proved the earth does not move…the next Michelson experiment proved the AETHER does exist then the next one proved the sun and stars moved around the earth…HOW CAN HE BE ALLOWED BY YOUTUBE TO JUST LIE ABOUT THE ACTUAL PROOF THAT THE EARTH DOES MOT SPIN…SMH

Maybe aether exist after all, 19 century scientists in understanding properties of light brought back the ancient idea of aether, today scientists in trying to solve the riddle of the universe making same mistake of creating so called " Dark Energy", which they don't know anything about it, apart from correcting their failed theories about the missing mass of the Universe. so Dark Energy of 21 century could be the aether of the 19 century. who knows!!

I really wouldnt characterise it as a "failed" experiment. An experiment if properly conducted doesnt fail when it doesnt find what it was thought it might find. The fact that it found nothing in itself makes it a contribution to science and thus not a faliure. A failed experiment is one that explodes, breaks, or injures people, stopping the research in its tracks. Or one that makes false conclusions. This was neither.

How do you know that it proved that ether doesn't exist? It could just as easily be used as proof that the world's not spinning or that The Ether is carried along with the spin . It would also indicate that the theory of relativity is incorrect.

if Michaelson and Morley experiment fail then, Sagnac experiment should be fail too, so the laser gyroscope doesn't work at all.

Problem though is, that the Sagnac Experiment in 1913 proofed that there in fact is in Aether. So what should this tell us?.


Why are you SHOWING the SAGNAC EXPERIMENT that was a Successfull experiment showing the evidence of an Aether, instead of the Micholson-Morley experiment that failed to show evidence that the earth is moving?


Awesome…. really good…..sometimes failure is beginning of success 😊…it proved this
see also

MM actually detected a speed of the Earth around the Sun 0f 8 km/sec. They just round it to 0 to say there is no Ether wind. Actually 8 km/sec invalidates relativity as well. Here is a PDF to show that MM actually did the math wrong, added frequencies instead of averaging them. When you use the right equation, the results show an ether wind and a speed around the Sun of 32 km/sec. When applied to the Miller experiment it is even more accurate at 30 km/sec.

Why do some videos say that this experiment proved the existence of the aether and other videos say it proves that there is no aether? Am I the only one who sees this?

Few things… the only thing M-M demonstrated was some certainty is the constancy of the speed of light
lorentz's initial idea was to re-equip the ether with the ability to contract spatially and dilate temporarily… with what's now known as the gamma factor… Also it is extraordinarily intuitive for wave phenomena to be self-propagating. It just eventually fell out of favor because Lorentz's ether (with poincare's corrections) made it necessarily undetectable. without a way to observe the ether or make any testable predictions on it, so SR was chosen over it… It is also very important to note that Einsteins SR is indistinguishable from Lorentz ether model (with Poincare's corrections).

You are dumb think your smart but the truth is that you have been totally indoctrinated with the garbage fed to you by todays institutions of false teachings.You think Tesla was an idiot by your own definition.As to Einstein .

Michelson Morley's experiment was not the only experiment done to test aether drift. There were many more, one of which was Dayton Miller's experiment.

Simpler explanation is that the earth is stationary .

Perhaps we have to consider the geocentric model in a new light .

This video isnt telling the whole story in the least little bit …its biased and he is side stepping the implications of Michelson and Morleys failed experiment..these top two leading scientists of the day and still highly regarded failed all right … Michelson-Morley failure was devastating to the physics community of the day and their agenda…they needed results showing movement they needed a spinning earth …and they didn't get it… one of the biggest experiments of all time failed at showing a spinning earth … instead it showed a stationary Earth and that's the failure…in order to fool the masses they needed results of movement which failed and this shook up the mainstream propaganda machine and their agenda… earths movement thru the Aether wasn't proved to the contrary what they proved was a stationary earth ….and also like star trails show we are stationary and they are revolving around the central pole star and revolving around earth… stars trails clearly show a stationary earth and clearly show movment around earth …earth is the floor of the universe…we have divinty we matter a great deal..
..the clown in this video avoids to tell you what the failure means…the failure to show movement and the implications of a stationary earth was crippling…so they (the physicist of the day.. the elite..the globalist the Traders to humanity the bankers) came up with a plan they needed earth to be SPINNING ! …a stationary Earth doesn't support the Big Bang or evolution …a stationary earth puts God back in the driver's seat…. that is not what they needed! hence Einstein's theory onto the scene to explain away the failure of showing movement … Einstein was funded supported propped up and pushed to the front he was damage control and a response to Michelson-Morley experiment … they proved that it was stationary and thats the failure….and that's not even mentioned in this crap video…

sagnac experiement vs mickelson-morley ever heard of it? you should since Einstein dismissed it. sagnac experiment only flaw was to say it proved the eather. look at it , now imagine sagnac experiment in a version of this there is a delta of light . and since speed cant change , there is only one explaination . light and medium are two thing. why is this important? it means ( possibly )( I ll call it my postulate lol) light does all that science claim it does and likely more , but there is one thing science claim light can do that it doesn't have the capability to do . and its movement! light doesn't move, medium move. what does light consider a medium ? now I don't think science answered this. lets assume light doesn't move( humor me) what is its maximum reach? speed they detected isn't of movement but of all other variable implied to light by science. reflectivity etc I wont list all cause its too long . also I didn't account for the finding of phd pierre marie robitaille ( sky scholar on youtube) according to his team finding, kirschoff,s law as stated is impossible (p=p') sky scholar team state that p≠p' . what does it mean? everything in physic almost use p=p' be in in astrophysic or other. yep its a huge subject

Fun fact!All they had to do is put the sagnac experiment on a table that spun around and they would of beat Einstein and thus no more round earthers and science would still be proving what's false not what's true and theory of relativity shut down and theorist would just be theorys

All I can say is THE SAGNAC EXPERIMENT!! If you’re going to reference the Michelson-Morley experiment you have to mention SAGNAC’s experiment because it was the exact same except he performed The Experiment on a Rotating table and He DID get a result that proved Einstein‘s theory of relativity wrong!

Coming out with the result of "aether does not exist" is the only failure in this experiment. Earth is made of molecules which are too distant from each other to cause a measurable change in aether behavior. Acceleration in extending of the universe is the proof of aether. And it is enough, as there is no other explanation to this acceleration yet. So Einstein is still wrong , and Tesla is still right. Over confident video. Don't do these things, we know absolutely nothing about this universe .

This was before Karl Popper made every scientist go "Woah dude! It's like…It's not what you prove…but what you disprove ohhhh" so calling it a failed experiment is fair.

Aether exist. Nikola Tesla confirms that in his research and he backs it up with his inventions. Now without Aether in the model, physicist try to create unified model, but they are unable to. They will never be able to create it with their silliness

In 1986 us military repeated michealson-morley experience and they concluded that the aether exist… Now the "quantum physics" call it " the "quantum liquid/foam"

The MM experiment did not disprove the aether and no one agreed with Einstein when he decided it disproved an aether wind. The MM experiments proved the Earth is stationary and is not moving through anything. It was shown before and after the aether passed across the Earth. This explains the 1 to 10 kps motion MM experiments did detect. But nowhere near the 30 kps needed to measure the orbit of Earth as claimed, but you ignore that fact as you support the absolute false implications of the actual science. At no point has science detected any motion of Earth. Now they tell us, You cannot do that. And they are correct because the Earth is motionless.

But that's your story and you are sticking to it. The truth will come out and I hope it happens before all these liars are dead.

There is an error in Michelson-Morley experiment. They used the rest frame of ether instead of the rest frame of lab to calculate the speed of light. From the mistake, Lorentz contraction was proposed. Detail below.

Einstein was right, you say? Let's look at something Einstein said May 5th, 1920, post Michelson-Morley experiment:"…according to the general theory of relativity space is endowed with physical qualities; in this sense, therefore, there exists an ether. According to the general theory of relativity space without ether is unthinkable." – Of course you won't measure any drag of light in the aether. Space = Aether, and as Einstein admits, it has no mechanical parts. Ergo, it wouldn't offer resistance to the intrinsic value of the speed of light.

STOP calling it a "failed" experiment. A experiment either confirms the existence of something or does not detect something.
Just because Michelson & Morley may have, before the experiment, expected the aether to exist, and were proved wrong, does NOT imply the experiment itself was a "failure". Had M&M assumed, before the experiment, that aether did not exist, then you'd be calling the M&M experiment a success.

The EXPERIMENT was a SUCCESS at CONFIRMING no aether. The CONJECTURE by those who believed in an aether was what failed. Those who conjectured no aether succeeded in their conjecture.
Wren Akula put it much better:
"it was to test whether or not the aether exists. Thus, it was successful (regardless of what the scientists' expectations were). What you're describing is a demonstration, not an experiment. A failed experiment is one that fails to test the hypothesis."

The US Airforce repeated the Michelson and Morley in 1986 and got different times and speeds. Physics is 100% nonsense, you people are morons. Its not your fault you're morons, you were brainwashed from age 6 to age 18, most until age 22, and all the free time you had when you werent getting mandatory brainwashing from school and college, you spent watching tv, movies, sports, porn, playing video games, or reading childrens color picture books (superhero comics).

This guy was bought and sold,the experiment was a success,the experiment was 10x more sensitive than needed be,no motion detected!

"The ‘law of gravitation’ is said by the advocates of the Newtonian system of astronomy, to be the greatest discovery of science, and the foundation of the whole of modern astronomy.  If, therefore, it can be shown that gravitation is a pure assumption, and an imagination of the mind only, that it has no existence outside of the brains of its expounders and advocates, the whole of the hypotheses of this modern so-called science fall to the ground as flat as the surface of the ocean, and this ‘most exact of all sciences,’ this wonderful ‘feat of the intellect’ becomes at once the most ridiculous superstition and the most gigantic imposture to which ignorance and credulity could ever be exposed."  -Thomas Winship, "Zetetic Cosmogony


Scishow Space There is another possibility it is called a stationary Earth. If the aether exists than the null result could mean that the Earth is not moving through the aether or said another way the Earth is at rest.

The Sagnac experiment proved that the speed of light is affected by the aether and the Airey's Failure experiment proved it is the stars carried by the aether that moves while the Earth remains stationary. The theory of light bending around gravitional forces has never been proven through the scientific method of observable, measureable, and repeatable experimentation. The theory of special realitivity remains an unproven theory.

In 1969 a live television broadcast was supposedly sent live from the moon while astronauts were walking on the moon, these radio waves were somehow sent throught the void of space and into the homes of millions of viewers, at the same time Nixon had a live phone conversation with Armstrong from the White house to the moon . If that really happened light waves and radio waves travel through the void of space, and there was no time delay in the conversation between Nixon and Armstrong (how is that possible?). Wait the people figured out this is not possible, so ESA announced Earth's atmosphere extends far beyond the moon, and no Human has ever left Earth's atmosphere (problem solved), but wait when live broadcasts are made from the space station there is a time delay in communication even in low Earth orbit.

There are many inconsistancies related to the space topic, this is why many think the vacuum of space is fake, the Eather exists, the Earth is stationary, not spinning or moving in anyway shape or form, the moon and sun are the same size, and everything revolves around the Earth along with the stars (not suns), and wondering stars (not planets).

G'day Mate

These guys are full of s*** the United States air Force re-did this experiment recently and they found the same findings as Morrison and morally

All the lies you believe to deny truth. You make it sound like all this AMAZING STUFF happens that ( usally dont happen in fact never happens) has to happen OR…….. THE EARTH IS NOT MOVING! LIKE THE BIBLE SAYS! Science ( pseudo science) and NASA ( which in the Greek means "to deceive") has convinced the world you live on a water ball spinning at 1000 mph, hurling through space while circling around the sun( God made a clear distinction between the sun and stars during creation yet they sold the sun is a star just really close compared to the other ones) The science we can test ourself ALL SAYS THE BIBLE IS DEAD ON IN EVERY ASPECT! Thr science you can't test ( how far stars are away, planets light-years billions of years old) contradicts the Bible and word of God! You don't make the Bible fit the world… You make the world fit the Bible!!

All nonsense. There IS and Aether, quantum mechanics demands it, they just use a different name, like quantum flux. A real experimenter:

It didn't fail. They detected no motion because there was no motion.
Einstein said, "If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts".
That's exactly what he did to rescue the Heliocentric Model.

This vid is completely wrong about the outcome of the mickelson morley experiment. The experiment proved one of two different outcomes, either the aether does exist and the earth is almost motionless or the aether doesnt exist. They went with the nonexistent aether theory but until Einsteins special theory of relativity they couldn't explain the expiriments findings and now that they have taken aether out of the math there is a gaping hole that can only be filled with wild theories such as dark matter/energy where 90% of the universe is undetectable and the math doesnt work unless they use dark whatever to fill the void in thier math. As you go through history you see that the mainstream beliefs of science show a pattern of ridiculing ideas that cant be proven with tests of the day. The beliefs of science in 100 years would sound insane to the best and brightest scientists of this age. Not even science fiction could come up with the insane discoveries about reality and our universe that will be discovered in years to come and if i tried to tell you about them i would be ridiculed

Einstein was a SHILL!!!! Brought in to "Blind us with science" Its Flat and motionless! Space is fake. Go check out the father of rocketry Wernher Von Braun's head stone….He knew we couldnt go anywhere… Psalms 19:1

WATH A BUNCH OF BS. M-M exp. was conducted to measure the speed of earth orbiting the Sun. The result of the test was Zero ( no movement or and speed was measured ) The result was unexpected and disturbing for scientist, here comes the Lorentz–FitzGerald contraction allegedly explaining Zero result.
The Aether was not dismissed with that test ( Michelson died believing in Aether), much later Einstein came with Relativity and HE eliminates Aether in order to have a functional theory.
Now we have a problem because there is Michelson-Gale exp. and Sagnac exp. , both without a doubt showing that Aether EXISTS.

If an experiment proves anything at all , even if to the contrary of it's original intention , it is a complete success.

What a distorted way of saying what the experiment failed to prove. It failed to prove that earth was spinning. It proved there is no spin. Which is why the |diot Einstein came up with the ridiculous theory of relativity, which has less connection with reality than Alice in Wonderland, and came up with new terms like "space time, duality, event" so that it sound like something he had discovered that no one else has, and he put the beginning of the pseudoscience BS.

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