TraffixEDU Official Channel Introduction

[shy breath] Hello guys welcome to TraffixEDU well
this is the introduction so I’m going to Get you into basic things that you should know about this channel I am, in this video I’m not going to be
teaching math or anything school related I’m gonna be doing that in my other
videos, because my other videos are not introducing my channel okay so here’s
the first question that you might be asking how did you make your old channel
and then decide to just make an educational channel
well my while I was making some animations my uncle said hey what are
people gonna do with this like this is any use for this? Are stick figures
fighting monster is going to help anyone build up a career and I said no but it
can help me build my career and then It got me thinking what if I help people
make better careers and then they’ll watch me
and I’ll get all the money so that’s why I’m here because I want to make an
educational channel because helping people will get people to help you but
still I’m not only making youtube channels for greed I’m making it so that
I can share what I’m like enough for me being weird um if you’re homeschooled or
you’re just in my classroom watching some of my videos then yeah for the
homeschool people you should be watching this but I am actually unique other than
like MathAntics Vsauce ASAPscience heck if I know
primitive technology? [ insert educational YouTube channel here]
National Geographic Discovery Education wait
I’m not I’m not the first educational channel because PBS KIDS actually does
some education but as PBS kids controlled by kids
no Public Broadcasting System ( service you idiot) is by the government so yeah I am the first child
to make an educational account so the second question is am I going to
continue making traffixcone videos? HECK YEAH [whisper] by the way, go subscribe to him, he makes some good content if you’re not interested in gaming I
mean education or stuff like that then you should watch my gaming / animation
youtube channel which is traffixcone it’s gonna take me a long time to put in
details unless you’re watching this like two years after I uploaded this but it
takes me a long time because I usually go on my computer two days after I
upload my videos and don’t you think that this thing runs a little too slow
so yeah it might take me two days to fill in links but that’s okay because I
can edit my videos and now the third question or and fourth I don’t know I I
can’t even count I’m an educational channel and I can’t even count but the
next question is what type of things are you gonna be teaching well I mean this
account mostly for my school and not really home school people but I will be
doing science social studies math English and sometimes I’ll just make
things for fun like I will record a lizard and doing a National Geographic
thing about it I’m sorry National Geographic I did not mean to take over
YouTube channel and yeah I would do some documentaries and like now if you’re
ever here for some fiction um documentaries like I did on my other
channel ping-pong-ball documentary no no you’re not in the right place LEAVE. BYE. MRRRM mm-hmm
yeah you’re still not in the right place we’re only here to do non-fiction. now, I don’t know if I should call this and introduction or a Kickstarter I’m just
gonna call it an introduction because I’m introducing so now that we’re all
done out of those questions we’re going to do some answers the answer to the
firs- I’m just kidding. SO I am NOT going to be building a house for you guys this
channel will not have me breaking phones well sometimes I do break some things in
this channel and that’s all I could show you how you build them yeah I’m gonna be
showing out of build phones not gonna show you how to build a house cuz that
is way out of control I’m not even old enough to do that plus
my uncle can help me make this YouTube channel and grow it because we do a good
time smashing phones and laptops and TVs and refrigerators we’re planning to
smash all those things for fun but if you see me smashing these things on my
youtube channel then I’m probably showing you the insides like little
what’s inside channel so yeah if you see my uncle in these videos then tell me to
delete them because we’re not trying to show his face but yeah we’re also gonna
be telling you about friction and like how fire was first made and like I don’t
know I’m not gonna be showing you how to do glitches like hey if you have a
weapon on the mech ):


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