actually read this LMAO all right it’s your girl MajorMyra (face ah) man we out here andddd today we’re going to be doing the truth or dare high school version (OH LORD) LMAOOOOOOO watching this into makes me wish I had a car sharpay was really that bish dont play with her IM A BAD BISH U CANT KILL ME (mood) -visual representation of me in the morning- got her ah I dont even know him LMAO why am I eating the mic lEts GEt tO iT NASTYAH -scratches head- (at all) (that’s my song, dont play) THAT WAS WEAK lmfaooo he was too ready -woah- -counts wrong numbers- them fake ah pushups she lying you she’s pretty asf omg -smack- LMAO JEESH cOrEY trUtH all right (scared af) GO GO GOO GO YESS SIR DRINK IT DRINKK ITT! drink it yes drink it that’s time HURRY UP “you’re gonna throw up” girl she’s serious guys oop mbn I never found out trUTh -he thinking too hard he finna lie- poof this my jam -shook af- NEXT yah uh okay UH UHHHH UHhh UHHHHH -asmr- TEETEEEE wuf woof roof Roof nOAh -he was so uninterested- why did she swing it LMFAOOOO -kahoot soundtrack-


You said you had 4 more seconds left then you said he finished in 12 didn't you mean he finished in 11 since he had 15 seconds to drink the water

(He had 4 seconds he finished in 12)
"She said you have 15 second to finish that water"
I think you did your math wrong 😂

No one peeped at 4:35 she said (he had 4 seconds left so he finished in 12) that don’t add up cause he had 15 seconds😭

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