UAlbany School of Education Offers Cutting-Edge Master’s degree

Right now we’ve got a lot of new
technologies that are coming on the scene you have iPads, you have mobile phones
the iPhone and increasingly we’re going to need to leverage
those tools for teaching and learning. -Most schools want to invest in
technology and they wanna know that they’re hiring teachers that are able to use it in a classroom.
-This field is constantly changing and evolving. The implications for learning and instruction are phenomenal.
-The teachers that we’re preparing in the CDIT program are facing a new generation of students. Students
that have grown up digital. -This is I think the future of education.
-The preparation that we’re providing students is a very practical preparation for very real careers that
are emerging in the 21st century. -The CDIT program stands for Curriculum Development Instructional Technology. It’s meant for people in different kinds of jobs. They’re traditional teachers
-When I found the online program with the CDIT, it really struck a chord with me. The more teachers who go through masters programs where online learning and technology
learning are really taught to teachers. It’s just going to make you better.
-CDIT also prepares students for corporate training but it’s
also preparing teachers in ways that meet real practical needs.
-I am doing the degree mostly online because I have a full-time teaching position. When I come out of this program I will have my professional certification. My experience with the CDIT program has been really nice because you choose when you’re gonna log in and
when you’re going to finisher your assignments. I’ve also gotten to know different classmates, like I see the same people in each of my classes. It’s like
you’re taking the journey together online. -The CDIT program is preparing
people for a variety of careers this program is a great gateway to
careers in instructional design -I am the assistant director of online
learning here for the SUNY learning network. I graduated from SUNY Albany
through the CDIT program what we have it’s more than 5,000
instructors and professors who are using technology on a daily basis to teach it’s really important for schools like
the University at Albany to offer a CDIT degree because the field of instructional design is expanding as quickly as the technologies
themselves. The emphasis is on practice at the same
time as technology. I would highly recommend the CDIT program.
-To be able to use it in an effective way in a classroom you really have to have some training.
-It’s one of the few programs offered fully online. Students benefit
from the SUNY reputation, benefit from an accredited institution and
benefit from very affordable tuition.
With a master’s degree in CDIT you can join us and help shape and lead
the future of teaching and learning with technology

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