UK Campus Walk: See How Innovation Can Revolutionize Care

Hi, I’m Amy Jones Timoney from the University
of Kentucky and to we are in the College of Health Sciences with the Dean, Dr. Scott Lephart. Thank you so much for joining us. My pleasure, Amy. So, we’ll walk through Wethington just to
kind of get a better idea of one of the main buildings where most of your faculty and staff
and researchers are and then head over to another part of campus. As we walk through Wethington I just want
to ask you first why you are personally so passionate about Health Sciences Well the college of Health Sciences is preparing
the next generation of healthcare professionals and that is a critical mission of this university. Critical mission to contribute to the commonwealth
at large and address issues that are so important to us like health disparities, and our graduates
are on the cutting edge of addressing these concerns both in the commonwealth and beyond
across the country. I know your college has experienced a lot
of growth in recent years. Tell me a little bit more about that. Our professional programs and the graduates
of our programs are in tremendous demands by the workplace to address the healthcare
disparities that we know we’re faced with, because these students are in such demand
our professional programs are very attractive. In order to get into these programs, we have
developed undergraduate programs which are the pipelines they have very specific criteria
for admission and we’ve developed a Human Health Sciences undergraduate program that
has enabled students to select a track that will prepare them for admission into our professional
programs. Because of that our undergraduate programs
are extraordinary attractive as well and we have had the opportunity over the course of
the last few years to market this as the gateway to the health care professions and that’s
become extraordinary attractive. Oh, we are in front of the Student Lounge
now so talking about students we can head in here and check out one of the spaces that
they utilize. What are your students like? Well we get a variety of students like all
the university we attract a diverse student body. A student body that is very committed to their
discipline and their interest in becoming a healthcare professional. Because of that our students tend to be very
committed to pursuing of these professional programs I talked about and we are getting
some of the best and brightest students that the University has the pleasure of admitting. Our students are being retained by the college
at an 87% rate which is one of the highest retention rates on campus. Over the last four-year graduation rate is
the highest on campus. As a mid-sized college, we have the unique
opportunity to have all our programs in all our faculty under one roof here in Wethington,
because we are co-locating the students get to know the faculty very well and develop
these fine relationships where they truly respect and have opportunity to get to know
the faculty on a personal basis. I truly believe there isn’t a better place
on campus that the college of Health Sciences it truly is a family
I think we’re going to explore a few other spaces where your faculty members are researching
and teaching the students that we’ve talked about so let’s head across campus. Look forward to it. So, we’ve made our way across campus to check
out one of your other spaces where so much research is being done. Tell me just first why research is so important
to your college. Well obviously,,, the majority of the programs
in our college are clinical programs that are related to healthcare. In order for our health care to advance we
need new discoveries and integral part of our programs are the research that translate
into clinical practice and that’s main focus of the research that’s done in the college. So, we are in s MRI most people call it tell
me a little bit more about what about what this facility is. This is the Sports Medicine Research Institute
that focuses on studying injuries that occur that are preventable and developing protocols
to prevent injuries and treat injuries very specifically injuries to athletes that occur
during sport, but over the course of about the last 15 years we’ve translated our sports
medicine research to military medicine and the department of defense has provided us
with grants for the last 15 years to study their most elite soldiers and sailors and
Marines in Special Forces and this provided us to take wonderful opportunity to take best
practices from sports medicine and apply those to our most valuable military assets Special
Operations. So, tell me about this space that we are looking
through the glass wall at right now. Yeah this is our actual laboratory and much
of what we do in the laboratory is recreate how injuries occur. Which is why we need lots of open spaces where
we can recreate various mechanisms and study how and why injuries occur and then develop
the intervention programs that can mitigate the risks of the injuries and ultimately reduce
the types of injuries that occur that our barriers for athletes and military and individuals
who are exercising barriers to their continue to do those things. Part of our focus is to consistent with the
mission of our institution and that is to better the lives of our Kentuckian, citizens
of Kentucky and beyond. We know exercise and nutrition and health
are critically important for lifestyle and this research center is focused on enhancing
and advancing health and wellness of individuals particularly individuals that are involved
in physical activity and sports. Then truly our commitment to ultimately national
defense and our commitment to assisting with our armed forces and Special Operations
For you what would you say is the best part of the College of Health Sciences here at
UK? Well it’s a comprehensive college that has
a distribution of students at both the undergraduate and graduate level. We’re preparing our students as we’ve discussed
earlier for very important healthcare professions and the comprehensiveness enables us to have
a variety of research activities. This is only one of a number of centers where
our research is going from the bench to the bedside to in this situation to the field
or to the battlefield that enables us to have an approach that addresses the spectrum of
healthcare needs of individuals rehabilitation restores dignity to individuals it restores
hope, restores quality of life and our people come every day to enhance those things. Well thank you so much for showing us some
of the spaces and telling us the stories about your faculty and staff and students who are
helping people. It’s been my pleasure Amy thank you. You’re Welcome. If you would like more information about the
College of Health Sciences just click on the link on the screen.

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