University in the High School at UAlbany

The University in the High School program
provides an outstanding opportunity for students to pursue avenues that are not
traditionally available in a high school setting. By taking UHS classes and like
receiving these credits in the high school this is totally going to push you
ahead into college and just get you prepared for it. UHS plays such a big
role and it’s a vehicle that can help you jump-start and move closer to your
end goal. I teach at Glens Falls High School and I also teach two SUNY courses at my high school. They’re getting the high school credit for the course but
they’re also getting four SUNY credits for each course which is a great deal. I am a university in the high-scoring French liaison here at the University, I also teach French courses in the Department of Languages Literatures and Cultures. The goal is to, you know, encourage them to keep on with the study of French, and we do find that many of them end up in our own courses the next
level up at the university. Students in the science research program need to keep a portfolio. They need to have regular meetings with me as the advisor as well as with their mentors. They need to present at symposia. My research is involved with newborn screening program at the Wadsworth Center or the New York
State Department of Health down in Albany. I did research on the cystic
fibrosis gene and Pompeii disease. The UHS programs opened up a lot of
opportunities for me, really sets people up for success in college. This exists as a tool and a vehicle for students to use and for me it worked out. The level of work that they
do is phenomenal but that’s because it comes from the heart they really really
love it. Being able to provide that opportunity as a teacher is just beyond words.

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