Sister, you don't talk guests outside (in front of your home)…. You failed to uphold the Islamic way to treat guests……….

Prophet Muhammad reminded us of the high status of one who treats his guest well when he said, "โ€ฆLet the believer in God and the Day of Judgment honor his guest." Honoring, or treating a guest well is coupled with two of the most important beliefs in Islam, belief in God and belief in the Day of Judgment. In Islam, the hospitality relationship is triangular; it consists of host, guest, and God. Hospitality is a right rather than a gift, and the duty to supply it is a duty to God.

When a guest arrives at your home, whether he or she is expected or not, if you remember a few simple things it is easy to provide your guest with a pleasurable experience and to reap the rewards attained by pleasing God. Greet the guests warmly, welcome them to your home and show them into a comfortable and appropriate room. Hasten to provide them with food and drink so that they do not have to ask for these things. Prophet Muhammad showed respect to his guests by offering them the choicest food and delivering it in a timely manner.

Masha Allah you did great my Muslim Somali sister am proud of you wlhi.
u are example of Somali women, congratulations of your Masters and New baby born God bless you, we wanna see again ur PHD graduation n another beautiful baby.

Manshallah sister well done you did very good job i wish you all the best u and ur family ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—

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