Using My Projects Pearson Writer

Pearson Writer is a revolutionary digital
tool for writers at all levels. It’s built for mobile devices, so using it
is intuitive and easy. Pearson Writer streamlines the tedious and
time-consuming aspects of writing, so you can focus on developing your ideas. This video will show you how to use My Projects
in Pearson Writer. My Projects allows you to keep track of your
writing projects and encourages you to stay on task You can easily see the project’s due date,
and use the writing progress checklist to ensure you’re staying on task. The questions encourage you to think about
where you are in the writing process. From My Projects check out an overview of
your bibliography. You can quickly see how many and how many
different kinds of sources you have, as well as gain insight into the credibility of your
sources Click “View Bibliography” to edit your
citations, to change the citation style (we’ve even got the new MLA 8!), and to export your
citations to use in your essay. Here, too, is where you access your notebook. Learn about using your notebook in our video
about Pearson Writer’s notebook and noteclipper. Now you’re ready to add your own project. Click “create a new project” to get started. That’s a quick look at Pearson Writer’s
My Projects. Thank you for using Pearson Writer.

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