Vibrational Communication 101: Everything you were NOT taught in School

there is information that is stored in
your energetic field and when you go out and meet other people you are sharing
that with other people whether they are aware of it or not and in this video I’m
gonna be showing you exactly how to vibrationally communicate what’s already
going on and how to do that in a more conscious way welcome back to another
video my name is Erin and I hope people expand their consciousness now in this
video I’m gonna be sharing with you that a vibrational communication 101
this is everything you were taught in school about how you communicate with
other people much of communication is nonverbal so it’s not necessarily the
words that you say and even if you study like the hard core science of it where
they say that what 93% of communication is nonverbal well this is like that but
this goes a step further this is about understanding vibrational communication
now let me ask you a question have you ever felt like when you were maybe
making eye contact with someone else that the more eye contact you made the
more you are being able to understand about them have you ever noticed how
when dogs do something they’re not supposed to do for example say I had a
dog in here that dog was got the trash if I were to come in that dog would not
make eye contact with me why is that well communication happens way more than
just with your words it happens with your vibration which
includes your aura the energy that is stored within your auric field of your
body it happens with it I contact it happens
within touch if I were to touch you on your shoulder right now you would feel
you would feel a certain way or you would be able to more likely to it’s
more of an empathetic type thing there are there are many different ways other
than just the words that we say and even the science that we know most of it is
like the many more than this the were only 7% of
communication is the words that we actually say the tonality Canaries
within a vibration as well so for this the main things that I want to be
talking about when it comes to vibrational communication is first off
understanding that of intention intention I used to work a sales
commission job and every day that I went in I could feel the intention of whether
people were interested in buying or not interested in you know I sold women’s
shoes and on the other side of that if I went into work that day with the
intention of making money or the intention of hitting my sales goals that
intention from me people could feel however if I had the intention of going
in and adding value to other people then that also had a very powerful impact and
people could feel that there was a much more genuine feeling so the first part I
want to talk about is intention and you can feel other people’s intentions
without them really even saying anything I have met people before that say very
nice things and they’re doing everything on paper that would be like well you
like that person or you would feel like a resonance with that person but there’s
just something a little bit off something a little bit off you can’t
quite put your finger on it but then you realize that there’s just
maybe something in your energetic field that isn’t aligned it is actually a
judgmental type way but this is about being aware of people’s vibration this
is about being aware of people’s intention and understanding your own
intention when you go out into the world because people can feel your intention
if you feel like people maybe take you the wrong way maybe there’s an
incongruity with your own intention and when I what I mean by that is becoming
more clear as to what you intend for more clear as to who you are in general
how you relate to yourself and the more clear you become the more that they will
also be able to feel that off of you so I ripped out some things that I want to
talk about now vibrational communication understand that the more eye contact you
make with someone the more you are connect
with them so for example when two people fall in love they will normally in the
very beginning of their relationship make very powerful eye contact with each
other very consistently and then normally what happens over time over
time that eye contact may stop that I contact may start to go to other places
and when they do see each other it’s like how was your day good and then it’s
like there’s barely any that eye contact there but you feel very deeply connected
with people when you make eye contact with them you may enjoy watching my
videos and notice that when I walk when I do my videos I’m looking into the
camera a good amount of the time and from that I’ve met people all over the
world that I watched the videos that they feel like they actually know me
even though physically we may have not actually met there’s something very
powerful about eye contact with vibrational communication and you can
pick up on my energy just by watching this video maybe you’re listening to
this video but regardless because I’m so focused and I’m so present with you
there’s a certain level of energetic exchange that happens as I’m in this
flow state that then comes through the camera so the first thing I’d become
aware of is your own eye contact how and what are you focusing on and what kind
of eye contact do you make with people now on the other side of this you may
have people that have what we could call negative energy which means their energy
is more contracted which means that when you’re around them you may bring down
your vibration now you may also want to limit your eye contact with people that
maybe have bad intentions for you I’ve done that before where sometimes you
know there’s a couple situations even just on this trip where you know I want
to get too much into it or sometimes there was somebody that was like
following Lior and I around wherever we went when they would find out where we
were on social media and they would come to wherever we were and when they would
come there it’s like what do you you know do we felt like we had no privacy
so we had a stop posting on social media at all which is what we do for a living
because sometime people don’t understand the boundaries
so one time when she came she was trying to make it look like those a coincidence
that she was where Lior and I were but I had to actually be firm and I had to not
be nice about it I was in rude by any means but I wouldn’t really make eye
contact does it we we need it we’re going in this direction you know it’s
not cool to follow people around everywhere they go you know what I mean
and that was that’s what I mean though so if I would if I would have been
really nice made a lot of eye contact she was like oh this is okay it’s okay
to follow people around you see what I mean I don’t mean that with any negative
energy in case you’re you know I’m just saying that you at the same time have to
be aware of your own boundaries even as everybody watching this video what are
your boundaries your boundaries as spiritual people many people have issues
when it comes to having that with those boundaries it’s almost like many of us
that have been through a spiritual way can even want other people to awaken as
well and what we do is we develop kind of a people-pleasing mentality that’s me
that’s how I was especially and that people-pleasing mentality I would go
around and I would feel bad if anyone felt anything less than like you know I
wanted everyone to feel the way that I felt however what I eventually realized
is the more successful I become the more I had to commit to my vision and the
more I had to say no to certain things whether that’s no two people that wanted
to hang out when I knew that it would derail me whether that say no to low
vibrational foods whether that saying no to just things you know that will drain
your energy part of communication is not just saying yes but saying no and you
say notice something you’re saying yes to something else by saying no to people
that maybe would have drained my energy I’m saying yes to having more energy
that I’m able to put into that of my of my manifestations as to my vision so now
I’m gonna list off some things that in the order in the order of that I that I
believe that I say it right now this is the order that of power go into more and
more powerful okay so from the least powerful to the most
well however there’s these these all have some form of communicative effect
so first off we have that let’s say the words that we say the words that we say
have a certain impact if I’m talking right now you can feel and kind of
understand some of the intellectual ideas but then under that we have eye
contact they used to do there used to be the seminar they used to do where they
would do these this thing where they would just put two people in front of
each other and they would just make eye contact for like five minutes just stare
at each other right in the eyes and something profound would happen most
people would start crying because when you look into the depths of someone’s
eyes for that long you start to feel them you start to literally feel like
you’re becoming one with them and it’s interesting too I’ve seen stuff I’ve
seen things before when people are making eye contact like that they can
then tap into each other’s memories they’re like think of this one memory
and they’ll think of this memory and the other person can explain the memory
that’s in their mind the other person who can I’ve seen that happen before as
well through people-to-people mirroring each other which means they have similar
body language they begin to sync up and then the eye contact transmits that
information so I contacted me extraordinary powerful then we have that
a touch okay so touch is like if I were to you know I’ve seen people that go
heal before they’re like you know putting them doing like Reiki or if I
were to like touch your shoulder right now you certain amount of energy
connection you feel with somebody that is a very touchy person even have you
ever met some is a very touchy person with a big hunger and you feel very
connected to the person that’s hugging you most people would some people may
have you know they’ve had bad experiences in the past therefore they
resist it but in general that’s something that’s very powerful as well
now the other side of this as well is then under that would be sex would be
you know intermingling with someone like that when you do that there’s a great
of energy exchange that happens between all the chakra points in the body so
something to be very mindful of you don’t want to mix that with somebody
that has energy that’s going to drain you somebody that maybe has negative
intentions you want to be very mindful of who you do that with and understand
that that has a powerful effect on your energy now even everything I share with
you right now the most powerful thing that you can do is is understand that
your vibration if you keep it high these things will not influence you if you
focus on your own vibration and stayin in a high vibe state by the
understanding then even everything that needs to explain even that all the way
down to sex can only can only impact your vibration up to let’s say 15 to 20
percent so even then it’s about understanding that you have an
extraordinary amount of power over your energy and sometimes people asked when
it comes to communication how do you shield yourself from negative people
well the key to this is knowing that these negative people that are around
you are are they only can affect you if you didn’t resonate with them so if
somebody comes over and is trying to get you into their reality you have to first
agree to it you have to first off be willing to go there and don’t blame it
on them you must you eat because then it’s like you’re giving away your power
understand that you are choosing it so the key is to understand and change the
frame you are the start of your own movie if somebody comes up to you and is
trying to lower your vibration you could walk away you can go somewhere else you
can choose to not let it affect you I give this analogy before but if someone
came up to me right I was like Aaron that is the the ugliest purple shirt
I’ve ever seen you look like a dodo head now I think oh like dog don’t have
purple shirt on I’m not even wearing a purple shirt
I wouldn’t even agree to that premise I wouldn’t let it
because I don’t even agree to it so what you can then realizes you can only let
in just let in what you choose to and understand that you are the star of your
own movie that frame changes everything so the other thing that I wanted to talk
a little bit about is just the general energy of adding value in the world
communicating value communicating you know it’s you become very confident the
more you contribute I think that my confidence is growing that skyrocketed
over the year because I know that by making these videos it helps people and
as people would consider me somebody that adds value because I’ve made
thousands of videos on YouTube and just you know when people need me I’d give a
lot I’m willing to like oh you know I give too much sometimes but in most
likely that’s you as well you may be that of a giver so it’s two sides of
this be aware of when to say no have boundaries but realize then you’re
saying yes to something else if I were to stay inside my like for example my
Instagram DMS all day communicating with people trying to help people what I get
not to be cocky hundreds of them every day I wouldn’t have time to then saying
yes to my vision of making videos every day you see what I mean so it’s about
being aware of that balance for you but then also at the same time just deciding
that you are going to be something that has value there’s something that you’re
passionate about that adds value to other people and when you do that thing
you then find that it increases your energy even more now there’s this other
perspective I have it’s on telepathy now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna link that
video here watch it on telepathy it talks about how to communicate to the
next level how you can create telepathy to have a telepathic connection with
other people what that really is I share all about that in the video that I’ll go
ahead and link below also put a little time stamp or a little video card thing
right here as well watch that video next other than that I hope you enjoyed this
video remember you’re communicating with people all the time understand that
vibrational communication have boundaries for yourself in general
valued be aware of your eye contact and you’ll find that then you have much
better communication so as always let’s give the next bit a piece which left


heyyyyy everyone! If you like this vid and want to learn more about telepathic communication click here:

You know what they say " eyes are the windows to the soul" Some people think that when someone can't look you in the eye that they are up to no good. That is not true.. usually it is because they are in pain. Keep looking .. they will look back once they build trust .. it will assist them in their healing.. obviously.. only if you can handle it energetically. Another really strong practice is looking at yourself in the mirror deep into your eyes. When I first started doing that, I would break down and cry… I had not seen myself for so long.. It was very transformative.

what can i do I have lived on my own I loved my life I was lifting my vibe and going out & people could feel it & comment on how well i looked But ever since i took on a 16yr old who is very angry, He is my grandson but his father let him get away with anything after the loss of his mum (my daughter) ever since he has moved in I meditate twice a day, but he is full of negativity I have become very low I cant reach how gr8 I was feeling, I can't walk away I can't get away from his foul language, he lies, he's manipulating I'm at a loss. I've tried sending him love & surrounding myself in white light so nothing can get in, I am getting lower & even sick which i never get sick.I am at a loss here.

"Liked" great video! I personally have a hard time with eye contact, for me its seeing into the soul.. love your videos… 🙂🙏

Be very careful you guys!! keep your energy high and know your power. Don't just use this information to test out !

Thank you Aaron💕💕💕, do you maybe know what it means if you look in someones eyes and you cant focus upon them and you see some kind of blur/mist in front of their eyes?

I find your exaggerated hand movements very distracting, I don't personally connect with this type of jolty exchange.sorry.

Great video as always👍
Question, I’ve shared telepathy even if the person is on low vibration and is not as they see themselves awaken- is it that some ppl just have that gift in their Soul? It happens frequently, and I wonder is them or I that I spark that? They get spooked out and it happens often✨
Namaste 🙏

For everyone who listen to tone 90% over the words, you are either stupid or looking at communication incorrect. Until we can read minds, you won't be able to know this as well as you think. Eye contact for example, doesn't always work the way your speaking of. I like that you are trying, you're missing a lot of the puzzle. I keep pondering people who focus on energy so intensely but they seem to be logically not all there in their presentation and comprehension of this system.

I look forward to your videos everyday! I am loving your online courses. You are remarkable! Thank you for being YOU!♥️

o.m.g….what you're saying about "eye contact" I feel is dead on! I've suffered from low self esteem in the past. so I have literally practiced making eye contact. It was part of what I'll call working on my self. However, there have been instances of people not having the best "vibes". I've almost always maintained I contact, as if taking them up on a challenge! lol! What you say about not making eye contact makes so much more sense. Because even if I "won" the stare down… it has never left me with a good feeling. Thank you:) BTW.. I love the Transforming your manifestation process.

This video triggered memories of mine I think pertains to this. Have you ever walked through a store and seen someone walking towards you and you still almost run into each other? Usually not pushing a cart but just there to grab a small thing or two. How about you are in a aisle and you can feel someone else coming down the aisle and you look at them and give a nod or a smile. Is this all feeling vibration?

Hej Aaron, thankyou for sharing your story. I’m not gonna react over screen ‘cause words hardly come across the way they would in real life.

But.. I am gonna share with you that I’m really sorry Leonor and you had to go through this experience.. I had NO IDEA.

As a matter of fact I bursted into tears a few minutes after this video because of your story.

Connection is a béautiful thing but also disturbing if it feels unwanted.

You made my day with this honesty Aaron. Thanks! X

Love your videos. I noticed tho that youve been using your ex's/ twinflame's old photo as the thumbnails. Hope all is well with you 😘

This is so powerful Aaron, I love how you teach everyone to be more sensitive and aware to the energies around them. I would love if you did a video on energy pendulums and vortexes and how they affect people. Shadow work and alchemy are wonderful things Im sure you incorporate in your, life it would be greatly appreciate if you could dive into these subjects. Thanks bro💜

I don't know if I can feel vibes or I have haters in the spiritual realm.
(I feel violence physically though there is no one there and I figure it's those spirits that were bothering me before.)
I don't know the reason why.

Too much has happened, my life was and is sometimes shit and now I'm trying to be a writer. 🙂

Hey Aaron, now I understand why cos of this woman that is stalking you, that is not easy, I am a lightworker but I am a lot more than just that. I can write a petition for you to keep this woman away from you, a houdon petition, it really works, I done it before for other friends of mine. You will see immediate effect.

I really like this subject, I’ve experienced others vibrations all the time. And over the years it has become easier to read them and understand without conversation. And now I’m teaching my daughter the the vibrations are real. And that you can’t call people on their emotions that they’re trying to hide. They don’t like that and it causes conflict. Also that it’s not just all in her head. Thanks for the confirmation.

I have to completely turn my life around. I somehow have to matchup with someplace that is healthier and different in culture like I would just like to be somewhere with nature and with more people who realize the information that is being shared here because if more people realized this information the life we all share could feel so different for all of us.

Hi. There"s an audio problem due to many flat superficies. Put drapes front of ya to reduce rebound of sound. Your insights are great, thank u Aron. Hugs from Chile

I love hearing him talk. It feels so direct to me and he feels like one of the homies when he makes those lil jokes or shows the background to where he's at.

Love all your Videos nd learn alot and am starting to understand a bit still lost tho but I FEEL AS IF IM SO CLOSE I CAN ALMOST TASTE IT BUT far to much is in my wayto succeed

The word is INCONGRUENCY not incongruity. But good job in your presentation Aaron. Now after doing another week at Rythmia, I can HEAR and FEEL the outward action and the INNER reality out of congruency with the employees out there in the world. I can even HEAR the core thoughtforms, and of course, they are completely unaware of this. It’s a rather RUDE awakening for me, and makes me want to stay home in my own vibration. Most people are unhappy in their jobs and not present. Some are rude, and some are very ANGRY looking for a target (the food was too salty, and they got pissed, and of course, me, the customer, HAS to be wrong). It’s a weird , weird world out there these days, and I suspect in 2020 it’s only going to be magnified. So, I had better start cooking at home and staying out of the fray of all that enormous toxicity.

And if you are a healer/empath, they can unload their auric filth into you, if you are healing them, and also if you are having a sexual relationship with them. The disparity in vibrations can be very wide, and sometimes evil people are very attracted to lightworkers to carry their load. I did not understand this in 1997 when I married a narcissistic/sociopath, and I found out the HARD way. Luckily, an energy healer who was clairvoyant saw what was affecting me and it took two sessions to clean me up to where I felt like ME again. I have been CELIBATE since (almost 18 years), and will only break that celibacy , if and when I meet someone who has done enormous inner work and is “clean” and appropriate for my vibration. I understand my energy and the energy of others and energy in general, more now, thank goodness.
Even if you have a clean heart , if the vibrational discrepancy is too wide, they still may not “get” who you are , and what you have to offer.

What if you truly believe that no person in this world can take your power or lower your vibe ,which is a beleif I've picked up and been focusing on and just keep adding value to others

over 800K followers! I've been following your journey for so long and have watched your channel explode! Couldnt be more well deserved. 😇Love you Aaron, thank you for what you do, I listen to your podcast driving to work everyday! 💞

Yaaaaaaaaaaaasss!!! Thank you, Aaron!!! I feel that this is so important to understand! I'm working on setting boundaries, and as I've been working in myself, it's easier to feel the intent of others. The vibe is so important, and to trust yourself and your higher self to lead you to or away from people, places, and situations. Thank you, again! Divine love to you all!!! 💗💗💗

I had relationship with someone for about 9 months who had very negative energy and bad effects on me. He took all my energy out, now I cannot move on, I feel very nervous, it was really really really important point that we should take it into account when it comes to our relationship. Very nice thank you and namaste ❤🌸🙏🏻

I’m trying so hard to vibrate through my thought on the world and share with you all me video called: You Can I Can by Kristina Fundo
In that video i’m sharing some potent messages about saying YES to a beautiful life without Plastic and filled with pure love for nature!
I think We Alll deserve that!
Even our Earth! 🌏❤️

Follow the good energy and try to avoid the bad. I always forget to do it when I get too caught up w dumb stuff, but honestly when you kind of wade through energetic waters and follow the good vibes amazing things will happen

I love this video… makes so much clarity for me. I also love that you said “Doe Doe Head” I’ve been using that since i was a little girl and it makes me crack up everytime 😊 much love Aaron

This is so awesome. I once saw a living exhibit at MOMA in New York City where a man was sitting in a chair opposite a vacant chair and people were invited to become a part of the exhibit and look directly into his eyes. It was hard for folks to do! There wasn't time for me to try then, but I think about making eye contact a mindful blessing if I choose to do it at all now. I had to really work on my intentional being and my motivated actions to interact. It can be harsh in Los Angeles, and I'm in willing practice to expand. 🙂

In the yearly Kundalini White Tantric Yoga Session you look into someone’s eyes doing chants for 7 hours total, broken up into 30 min – 1 hour segments.

One gets to know the soul greatly in such sessions.

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