Voice Teacher Reacts to MAMAMOO – Delilah

Hi everyone. Andy Davis here again from
Master of Voice, a channel with reactions to performers from across the world. In
this episode, I’m going to be reacting to Mamamoo. Several of you have wanted me to
react to some of their songs and I chose today to listen to “Delilah” even though
I’ll be getting to the other songs you all suggested. Don’t worry! But I wanted
to jump in and hear “Delilah” today their version of Delilah and see what they’re
all about. I love the show the Immortal – Immortal
Songs 2. Nice start here by her. This is a nice start. I really enjoy it.
They’re just singing kind of mezzo forte. Setting up the song a bit with its
original melody and sort of version. I know Jo Young-nam did a very popular
version of this in Korea back when it was popular here in America after Tom
Jones and so I know they’re paying homage to him and I’m eager to see how
it all unfolds. Oh yeah! I knew something was coming! I knew something was coming! They have
now turned the version up on its head and made it theirs. Of course, this is my
first time hearing them but that was so cool. The way they just broke that down,
if you will, here in this center section. They’ve opened up their voices a bit, a
little bit louder, a little bit wider vowels up in their chest voice having a
lot of fun. I like their harmonies. So cool. Nice. I loved that. I loved that section. They
were doing some longer held notes and then a bit of a rap going underneath.
This is such a cool version of this song! Wow! I like a bit of raspiness in her voice. Look at him. Wow! Wow!! That was so cool.
I don’t think I could have envisioned that this song was going to be performed
in that way. I know there a girl group but I’ve never heard them. So I didn’t
know if they were gonna keep it more of a ballad like swing style party song
almost. But they have turned that on its head into a fun current version of that
song. Wow. I can’t wait to hear so much more from them. You know when they were
opening up into their upper chest voice their vowels got a little bit wider
there and they also had harmony parts going on. And when you’re singing in
almost your solo voice, if you will, at that point it’s hard to sometimes match
timbres to make the harmony sound good and mix well. They did an impressive job
with that. I like this group already. I can’t wait to hear so much more. I know
you all have mentioned several of their songs. Huh. Wow! Very cool! Thank you so
much. I hope you all enjoyed this reaction. If you did, please click like
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know when I’m releasing new content. Otherwise, just have a great day.


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Hola Andy me encantan tus videos. Podrías reaccionar a Mónica Naranjo, cantante española, con la canción de Sobreviviré en vivo en el concierto Pavarotti and friends. Sé que te va a encantar. Te dejo el link https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RNyfd2ZQ8E4. Gracias.

Yay, I came down here to mention Cho Young Nam and his version of this, but then you beat me to it!
There’s a lot of amazing Korean singers from that era, my favorites are Song Chang-Sik and Yun Hyeong-Ju from Twin Folio. There’s a great video of J Rabbit singing two classic Twin folio songs with Song Chang-Sik that might be an interesting one for you!

At least half the reactors I've seen have stopped the video before the end of the song but it still kills me every time. Anyway, great comments about their voices and harmonies and I agree 100% about their creative re-arrangement. I'm old and know Tom Jones' version very well. I was blown away by what Mamamoo did with it musically, besides turning it into a lesbian crime of passion. I thought it was very clever of the guitarist to hint at House of the Rising Sun in the intro arpeggios and I chuckled when he tossed in the quote from Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez and then my jaw dropped they went into the new rap verse. This is the song that confirmed me as a fan when I was first getting into Mamamoo and kpop.
Delilah is several years old and they've gotten even better. My favorite MMM music video for vocals is Paint Me, which was released last year, and their most recent live performance to bring me to tears was I Miss You on the competition tv show Queendom last month. There are several beautiful and heartbreaking ballads among their 14 appearances on IS2. If you'd like to see an IS2 sampler check out the Immortal Songs Medley from one of their concerts.

Can you react to Monica Naranjo from spain her voice is amazing
Sobrevivire https://youtu.be/hi_1-K9N8PI. Thanks
And Ailee korean singer immortal song 2
Hey,hui https://youtu.be/MVLJp3viFuI thanks

I am so glad you're reacting to them! They are so talented T- T and have such a unique vocal colour. During their debut years, they had nothing and are from a small company so they were promoted through heaps of festivals and events. That is where they got their vocal prowess from, having up to four schedules per day. The girls are also incredibly close and their discography started with acapella (and just harmonising), rnb and jazz.

Will you please react to little mix paper penthouse? They're a girl group known for their amazing harmonies and blend. It's an acoustic performance without microphones.

Enjoy reacting to more Mamamoo in the future!~ They don't stick to a specific genre of music, so it's going to be a rollercoaster ride. The feel-good kind! Best girl group in kpop today in my opinion 🙂

can you react to this performance?
I'm from Taiwan and Amei(張惠妹) is my favorite singer

or this one

ALL of Mamamoo are great singers, even the rapper!

Check out one of there latest songs 'Ten Nights (열 밤)'. It has great singing from all 4 of them!

( Toc, Toc, Toc !) hey hey Hey !! Aún no conoces a TINO CASAL ??? No hay música actual que no tenga algo de Tino Casal, decorado, estilo musical, trajes, todo lo hacía Tino Casal, un verdadero artista Cantante, Pintor, Decorador, Escultor, Sastre etc,.. SEGURO QUE TE VA A GUSTAR. VÍDEO REACTING PLEASE !!!

This was a 2 part series because he had so many popular songs .. If I remember corectly Song Sohee won part 1 I believe the song was Tomorrow you should really check out the part 2 winner ALi (Cho Yong Jin) who is known as the Queen of Immortal Songs 2 she sang For Once In My Life scoring at that time the record high vote count for the show that held for 3 years also Ali at that time had the most trophys won on the show male or female she now has the most for a female with I believe 11 and DongHa has the most for a male with 12 or 13 now … ALi has been with Immortal song 2 since its begining she also has 3 wins as Queen on King of masked singer … Though So Hyang is consedered to be S. Koreas best female vocalist Ali with out a doubt is S. Koreas best female performer if you can distinguish the 2 … I beleive she is a mezzo soprano and has a natural grit to her voice much like Hwasa does in MaMaMoo .. Enjoy your reactions. Heres the link https://youtu.be/aU4j5KfzhIQ

Please react to CAMI live, is a chilean singer with a incredible voice ! She was nominated for two latin grammys with her first album!

If you close your eyes you can tell who is who… they all sound the same, the same voice, no color, no caracter…. dont missunderstend me, they sing good, but theres no angel in there, like a line of solders all dressing the same all moving the same. They are boring to me, i´m sorry.

thanks you for your reaction. Mamamoo is a girl group known as a queen vocal.their voice is amazing. please react more of the song their have singing at immortal songs. they are have singing 13 song at immortal song and won three times for backwood, wonderful confesion and the dance in rhythm. other song too is so powerful such as the way to sampo and recomend to react MAMAMOO IMMORTAL SONGS MEDLEY. you will get to see their live performance at concert.

MAMAMOO are the ONLY Kpop group to be invited to immortal song 2 multiple times and win several times. Thank you for reacting to them! Please react to more MAMAMOO:)

Mamamoo is THE vocal group in Korea! Thank you for reacting to them! For full Live vocal power you need to react to their "Immortal Song Medley"! Or their performances "Way to Sampoo" "Passion Flower" or their latest "Meeting" (Moonbyul, the rapper sings there too)

Please react to Mamamoo's " Immortal Songs Medley Live "

Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnYsqUxPBb4

Thank youu.

delilah is so good. but it's so old performences. Mamamoo 2k19 is grown up too much. Please watch another level of mamamoo. Immortal Song Medley at 4/4s Concert😊😊😊

Thank you very much for reacting to Mamamoo. I'm hoping for more reactions to come. I really love this group. They're not called vocal queens in sk for nothing. 😁😁😁


Forget looking at the song suggestions; just cancel your schedule for the week and watch literally everything they have done. You will thank me for this. 😉

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