Week 3: What are Scales? (Understanding a Harmonium) | Chandrani’s Online Music Class

This is the 3rd week of my Online Music Class! So we start every class by singing the Saptak in C scale (or ‘Safed ek’) So today we will understand what C scale means. For that we will take the help of a Harmonium. There are 3 Saptaks in a Harmonium. One Two and three. So if the 1st white key is the note Sa, then the subsequent note will be Flat Re then Re Flat Ga Ga Ma Sharp Ma Pa Flat Dha Dha Flat Ni and then Ni After these 12 notes, the 2nd Saptak begins with Sa, in this manner. and then the 3rd Saptak. The 1st Saptak is called Mandra Saptak. These are the low-pitched notes. Ones voice sounds heavier and the lowest notes like Sa or Re are difficult for everyone to sing. To denote a Sur (Note) from the Mandra Saptak, we put a dot UNDER that Sur (Note). After that is the Madhya Saptak. The notes in this Saptak are comfortable for all to sing. and most songs are sung in this Saptak. And then comes Taar Saptak. These are the high-pitched notes. The voice becomes thin and to denote a Sur (Note) from the Taar Saptak, we put a dot ABOVE that Sur (Note). So you must have noticed I say in every class, we will sing from Safed ek (of Madhya Saptak). This is C scale in Western music. and usually singing in this scale is comfortable for all. When we say we are singing from C scale it means Sa starts from Safed ek (first white note) of Madhya Saptak. Now, many beginners get confused hearing ‘scales’. So remember that first white key (of Madhya Saptak) of Harmonium is the C scale. Kaali ek (first black key) is C sharp (C#) scale. After that D scale. D sharp (D#) scale E scale F scale After that F sharp (F#) scale. Then G and G# scale. A scale A# scale then B scale and then we again come to C scale of Taar Saptak. In the same way you can show the scales in Mandra Saptak or Taar Saptak. Knowledge of scales is used more in Instrumental music So if you are using the Piano app, which has 88 keys then we are talking about ‘C4’ key on your piano app. Now another interesting point! that you can play Sa from any key It’s not necessary Sa will always start from first white key of a Saptak. If someone asks you to play the Saptak from C# scale, or to sing, then Sa will be at first black key of Madhya Saptak. But do note that then Re will be, after leaving one note, here. then Ga will be here, after leaving one note, because Flat Ga comes in between. After that Ma comes here. Then leave a note for Sharp Ma Then Pa comes here Leaving another note for Flat Dha, then Dha will come here. Then Ni comes here and Sa comes again on first black of Taar Saptak. So always remember that Sa whether in Mandra Saptak, Madhya or Taar Saptak will always be located symmetrically. Now, we will try playing a song on Harmonium or Piano app. So, as you must have already guessed, I played a very common and popular song, the ‘Happy Birthday’ song in the Piano app. So that you can easily learn it and use it in your daily life. Now I’ll play the same video in slow motion, so you can understand which notes I am playing. So this week, you have to understand your Harmonium, Piano or Piano app properly. Try playing the ‘Happy Birthday song’. and if you want to learn to play some other song, I am sure you will find some Youtube tutorial specifically teaching that song. If you don’t find a tutorial for a specific song, write it in the comment, I will definitely try to help you with it. Before you leave, I want to give you a Homework. that you find the full names of these 7 basic Surs and write it in the YouTube discussion section I will give the correct answer on Monday. and will announce the name of one lucky winner in the next class. Ranjish hi Sahi (Singer: Mehdi hassan) In the next class, we will learn what Alankaar or Palte are. and like every time, don’t forget to Subscribe to my Youtube channel Like, Comment and Share this video if you think it can be useful to someone else as well. And if you have any doubt, then put it in the Comment section, I will definitely answer it ASAP.


N I GOT 1 clarification of swara and particular Western notification of all seven swaras.TYSM😃🍫🎉🎧💐🙏🏼.

Jai shree radhe….aapko kaise pata chala ki happy birthday to u…me kon se swar jaise ki dha ..ma etc…hame to samajh nahi aya….plz tell

मेम हमे बहुत अच्छा लग रहा है
इसी तरह सीखा ते रहे….!!!!

Thanks for your great support & intiative .Please use few English words like sharp …Flat .Since I am from south its little difficult for me /

You are amazing teacher. I love it👌👌👌👌🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹🌹.I am watching your all singing video.

Excellent… can you give the instructions in English also. It will be great if you could say in both the languages. My little one likes learning from your video and she understands only English

Ur voice so osmm and ur dressing sense osmm and tysm for start this type of classes it is so helpful for me thank you mem😊😊

OMG this is my favorite too, I sing it all the time to rehearse! and i also start from the same note too! Wow what an co-incidence!! God bless you

You are making teaching simple and to understand by everyone. Thanks Madam for the patience and Your valuable time. May God Bless You Always.

Mam aap scal ki puri jankari k liye ek vedio or banaeye topik dhoda different h sayd bhut km log hi relate kr paye meri baat ko ab m jo khna chahta hu use smjhane ki kosis kijiye mere liye thoda kathin h samjhana pr mujhe viswas h ki aap jrur smjh jaengi
Mera swal ye h ki Arjit shing k kuch songs me alg hi attitude jhalkta h Jese ki ,( tum hi ho,. Jiya from gunde, aaj fir tumpe pyar aaya h, aa raat bhar. ) Dusri or kuch songs me ek alg pattern dekhne ko milta h wo songs h ( tera fitur, tujhe kitna chahne lge, bolna , tere liye duniya chod di h) ab swal ye h ki hm esa kese reyaz kre ki ye dono pattern me hm bhi bakhubi ga paye. Mujhe Abhi tk iska reyaz khi nhi Mila aap se mujhe bdi ummid h aap jrur meri baaton ko smjh kr koi na koi solutions jrur dengi thanks mam

Sa -(सा)Sardjh
Re – (रे)Reshab
Ga -(गा) Gandhar
Ma -(म)Madhyam
Pa – (प) Panccham
Dha -(धा) Dhabyat
Ni – (नी) Nisadh

Hum kaise Jane ki sa se bajayen ya ga ma pa se koun dhun sa se bajega ya ga se Yani ki in 12 suron ko gana mein kaise milayen

If possible… I would like to request you… what is the tone of throat.usually its said " keep the tone of throat same".
And at same time .. teachers ask us to modulate our voice.
Will you explain it,wheather it's possible to maintain same tone while modulating at the same time ,with examples.
Or.. these advices by some Gurus are for only classical singing only,not for Bollywood singers.
Thanking you …
For all your efforts and taking so much pain for yr fanfollowing🤴🤴🤴🤴👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🧝‍♀️🧝‍♀️🧝‍♀️🧝‍♀️🧝‍♀️🧝‍♀️🧝‍♀️🧝‍♀️🧝‍♀️🧝‍♀️🧝‍♀️

Plz dont take me wrong ! Many musicians and teachers usually make mistake in understanding the scale of Happy Birthday Song, here u also did ! The Notes U played here Actually are in G# Scale. So G# will be Sa here instead of C# and C# will be Pa. Sorry to say Grammatically This is wrong notation. But u r doing a good jod. Best Wishes.

Subscribers plz do not abuse on my comment. plz try to understand this. thank you.

Mam kalink nahe iske hakajel peia
Bajanaha marako rag bol do
A song arijit sehing kaha
Mara harmuneham ha ap
Raag bhej do bus Itna kar do please meri request man lo mam

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Madam ji namaste a main aapko yah baat kahana chahta hun main shastriya sangeet mein main bahut din se juda hun sa re ga ma Pa dha Ni sa taal main bahut acchi tarah se samajhta hun pahle Maine class bhi Kiya tha kuchh din FIR bich mein jindagi ka talab mein chhod bhi diya tha abhi mere pass Yamaha ka han ek 51 ka keyboard hai main use per aapko do teen mahina se dekh kar ke gale ka practis kar raha hun aur mujhe yah nahin samajh mein aata hai to main koi bhi gana bajani pata hun agar koi notation dekhta hun use per 10 minut agar main koshish karta hun to bakhubi pahla Andhra mein jaise Baja Leta Hun aur pure gana bajane ke liye shayad ek din samay lag jaaye yad ho jata hai aur yah bhi hota hai kuchh din ke bad mein bhul jata hun uska sujhav hamen de ki kis tarah se Ham Kya Karen minor scale major scale lagbhag thoda bahut hi samajh Leta Hoon

Main Kolkata mein rahata hun mera phone number hai madam ji 9836 09 3366 agar aap log ko Daya hai to thoda call karke hamen privately isko thoda sikhaye hamen

Name of seven sounds are following, Sadaja, Rsabha, Gandhara, Madhyama, Pancama, Dhaivata and Nisada which are commonly called Sa, Ra, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha and Ni.

Hi.. di.. thank u..ur class is wonderful.. it may be helpful for me… But di how to play rhymes on piano or harmonium.. plz tell me..

Nice lesson! To learn scale structure, I have created this web app for scales and chords https://www.scalechords.com/ . It shows note places on the guitar. Would really like to know suggestions if any and how you find it.

हाय और आपने हम लोग को बोला था की 4 फीट वाली गाने ढूंढ कर आपको कमेंट कर देने के लिए तो मेरे ख्याल से मंगाने हैं आसमां में जैसे बादल हो रहे हैं और तू आए जो हवा हवा बन के मेरा नाम है अंजलि main aapki class kuchh din pahle hi join ki hai

great work guru g i ave one qiestion male ka gala bhari hota hai aur awaaz moti is ko surela banay kay liay tips btain plz

Yeh mera first din he aaise hi dekh ra tha video. Mai 45 years ka hu kya mai sangeet seekh sakta hu? Mere pas ek piano bhi hai practice karne ke liye. Mujhe bachpan se music ke prati ruchi raha he. Lekin mujhe music ke bareme kuch bhi nahi pata. Maine asp ka channel like aur subscribe bhi kiya he.
I hope you will reply me.

M 1 week s riyaj kr rha hu lakin maine 2 din phle tej aawaj m riyaj k karan meri aawaj crack ho rhi h or aise lag rha h jaise vocal chord m kuch atkaa hua h gle m dard jaise pls madam reply de aisa kyu ho rha h

Bohat hi khoob nice me 40 saal ka hun abi bohat dil karta ha sing sikhne ka indian idol bohatbshok se dekhta hun par halat kam ki wajah se kabi sikh nainsaka yaan kuch kar nai saka me ab sikhna chahta hun insa chahey to kia nai kar sakta bas mujhy ye jana ha k is age me reyaz yaan me kia sikh sakta hun ek acha singer ban sakta hun abi b awaz bhari ha mer loudly awaz ha meri

Mam we are really thankful of u bcz u r giving ur valuable time even in our paid classes teacher don't teach like ds way…keep it up mam plz after 12 weeks…

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