What Is Loneliness Doing to Your Brain?

Today we’re talking about loneliness;
not to be confused with introversion, or social anxiety, while those subjects are worthy topics. Loneliness actually has been defined in many ways: “a state of solitude or being alone,”
“inability to find meaning in one’s life….” Okay, this is already a downer, so look at
a picture of a panda. Aw, it’s cute! Now I want a panda. I’m gonna overnight one to my crib. I’m gonna do that. Of course, we’re not the only generation
to experience loneliness, even though listening to The Weeknd
really does make it feel like that. Health insurance provider Cigna recently published a study citing that 18-22 year olds have the highest “loneliness score,”
followed by millennials, then Generation X… so yeah,
young people, we just killin’ it right now. Generation Z cited that they feel people are
around them but they aren’t really with them, feel shy, and they feel like people
don’t know them very well. The old man in me really wants to say, “these
kids right now are out here spending too much time on the Twitters and the Fortnites!”,
but that’s not exactly what Cigna found. Cigna cited lack of an IRL social life
as part of the problem, saying that “levels of in-person interactions, physical and mental wellness,
and life balance” are better predictors of loneliness
than social media alone. So, if your IG game is on point but you like to hang
out with your friends, you should be good… but if social media IS hanging out with your
friends, go outside! Humans are social mammals and need social interaction to survive; that’s
part of why solitary confinement in prisons is so torturous. Why do that to ourselves
on the outside? “Y’all best go out to the quarry for some stickball and a swim!” You know, I’m not doing this voice again. One study breaks down three types of loneliness. Situational loneliness is when unpleasant events
or circumstances cause us to retract from society. Developmental loneliness can hinder
our capacity to balance individualism and intimacy. (Psychological disorders like depression or schizophrenia could cause developmental loneliness). And finally, internal loneliness, when a self-perception of worthlessness intensifies
the feeling of being alone. This got dark again, bring in another panda pic. Lifestyle influences our neurophysiology, so lonely people perceive the world very differently. For instance, people suffering from loneliness tend to see benign events as more threatening,
living in self-defense mode… even in their sleep. Some research suggests that lonelier
people have more restless sleep patterns, which could impact cognitive development. Research suggests that there are
neural correlates for loneliness. A 2009 study revealed that lonelier people
showed less activation in brain centers associated with reward when viewing pictures of people in pleasant situations, and less activation in parts of the brain linked to empathy when viewing images of people
in unpleasant situations. Other researchers also discovered that neurons in the dorsal raphe nuclei are sensitive to social isolation. Those neurons in question, taken together
with the ones from the ventral striatum, deal with the reward neurotransmitter dopamine. So, it’s possible that low social interactions=less dopamine=less feeling good. Of course,
the latter study was run with mice, so more research is always needed. On top of that, a meta-analysis from 1980 to 2015
found that loneliness and its accompanying
depression was as bad as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and is a risk factor for mortality.
This is so dark; bring in the pandas! Please, don’t leave, don’t leave! I’m
not gonna leave you on a downer. Loneliness is a social epidemic, yes,
but there are remedies. Don’t replace friendships and happiness with likes and text messages.
Go out and meet people! Humans need social interaction in real life –
it’s developmentally necessary. Easier said than done, but remember, you’re
not alone in feeling alone. And if you’ll excuse me, I have a panda
waiting for me at home. I did order one, and I can’t wait to play with it. Yo, thanks so much for watching. If you’re
like, “ooh, I need a little bit more loneliness content!” watch this video about what solitary
confinement does to your brain. And if you’re like, “that’s a little bit too dark for me,”
watch this video about pandas watching… watching porn? Watch this video about pandas
watching porn. Thanks for watching my video, and also, subscribe to Seeker for more videos! Pandas watching porn?
I’m definitely gonna hafta watch that. I gotta find out what’s going
on with pandas.


After my dad died I stopped with literally everything in my life. I stopped talking to people at home and at school, and I only did what I had to do to get by in life. That was 5 years ago now, and I am starting to feel the loneliness. But because it's been so long, it's become part of my daily routine not talk to people or engage with anyone unless it's my superiors at work and my mother. I have no friends, I have no life, I have no existence. My doctor just wants to throw some pills at me and that that will somehow help. I told my doctor that I am not depressed, I told her that I simply lost the will to carry on without the actual suicide part. Now I have to pay a Psychiatrist a hundred dollars every few weeks to listen to my problems because nobody else will.

Life sure is difficult.

Hey you think you are zigmud froid my frend have you one diplom for psihoanalitics or you took here only knowledge !

I looked away when this video started to blow my nose and I look back and I swear I seen Chris rock in the 90s with a flat top like kid and play 😂

I am lonely asf and I guess it’s my own fault. I study to be a medical doctor right now and cut off meetings and parties to do homework.

Why is this on my recommendations? Guess I’m not that lonely since the youtube spy’s are watching me.

Oh, please. I love loneliness. To be alone is to define the dimensions of oneself, if you do not like to be alone, is because you don't like yourself. On the other hand, I hate people and their needy-personalities. If people are hanging out with more people just to avoid to be alone, that's what I call true and pure loneliness. Want to be happy? Learn to be alone. Want to escape reality? Learn to be comfortable around others as lonely as you.

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i am from generation z , i am born at 1999 and now in collage, i dont have friend i spend all my day in front my smart phone.. and depresed : (

So Mr. N'Diaye we're making you the head of seeker. That was great, I've never enjoyed a talk on loneliness until today.

Since I'm not seeing anyone comment about it I need to say it why the sterotypical racial jokes. Seeker ought to be above that. Ive been watching a long time but this was not cool. Half way through it made me literally uncomfortable like maybe seeker thinks Im a joke too. Its not often I see black people hosting videos and this shouldnt be one of the things a respectable science channel should touch.

It twisted my mind when he brought his head down, and I discovered what I thought was his hair was his hat.

I hate that the writers felt we can't talk about something serious without needing to be periodically distracted by something cute. It shows a real lack of maturity. It's okay to feel badly sometimes, and being okay with it is a sign of emotional strength.

Day 7 without seeing or talking to any of my friends.7 more to go until the healing process is complete.Can confirm this shit sucks.But can be important at times.Journal entry complete 😂.YouTube has been keeping me sane lol

But why do some people not suffer from loneliness, even though living in relatively isolated circumstances??

I only have plenty of pictures which I smiled. Including my profile photo. Cause deep inside me, I always cry. Internal Loneliness is what I'm suffering in… And i don't watch porn…

earth is overpopulated and technology and social media is supposedly connecting us more than ever yet loneliness is an currently epidemic
so much irony

now i understand why it is mandatory in islam to always be in contact with your family and relatives and friends
its is considered extremely important so much that it is mentioned in the quran
the prophet focused on this matter so much
we have countless narrations from prophet muhammad saying bad it is to distance ourselves from society

As a lonely person something crazy happens, sometimes I wish to be accompained but when that happens (like a party or familly reunion) I get to the point I want them to leave! I really wanna be alone, it's like I have certain resistance to share my time with all of them. So, it's hard to find a balance and try not to be rude against family or friends.

Insurance companies will jump on this. If they find out how isolated you are they'll load your life assurance policy as you will be at increased risk of heart attack or stroke. If you have no family or had a useless one, it's particularly hard. You can't just go out and meet another one. When I was a teenager (and long before,) my habit of relying on the kindness of strangers began. Some took me to their hearts and plenty took advantage of this vulnerability, which haunts me to this day. Like a fog following me. And the shame of it…The only thing that would make me feel any better would be to go back in time to say, 1975-1995 and stay there until I died. Coming from a rubbish family sets you off on the wrong foot completely. It's like trying to maintain a house with little or no foundations. You're forever patching, underpinning and trying to shore it up. It will never be strong enough to survive a storm or high wind.

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yeah i am lonely and all my friends are online and if i go out side i hesitat and idk how tf am i living my life.. idk how many pandas or gf do i need

What you said about going out with people and meeting people, I would and I want to do that more than anything nobody invites me to come out, and I'm always too afraid to ask a few friends if they wanna hang out.

I'm lonely. I used to have friends and now they all got girlfriends and they never spend time with me. Making friends for me is really hard as I'm not the same as others, and I feel like nobody cares about me

I'm 14, and i'm lonely, i have friends, but i think they're just hanging out with me because i'm a type of guy that buys food for others…

I’m around people all the time. Yet the more time I spend with people, the more I realize how lonely I actualy am.

Really disappointed about the panda cutaways, not funny or cute at all and just cheapens the message. What's the point of making a video about a dark and serious topic if you can't bear to stay with that mood for more than five seconds?

I TRIED "meeting someone." She's the reason I am currently lacking the motivation to stay alive.

Bruh, I lost the feeling how to talk with real people, unless, when I have work to do of course .-.

Thanks! The saddest thing to me is when I see someone walking around, or in a line at the store, and they're on the phone. Their reactions become so weird! It's like the physical people around them are an actual nuisance, & the only thing that matters is that phone stuck to their ear! I've actually worked cash registers, & had the next guy in line (yes – always a guy) actually hold up a finger, like, "hang on a minute" at me! Do they really not see all the people in line behind them? Are they really that far gone, that they think we're all just going to stand there while they finish their conversation? [If they ever do!?!] People get so attached to their phones that it's as if nothing else around them is even real to them. Now that's lonely – whether they know it or not! tavi.

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