What is the biggest challenged in education for people with exceptionalities?


– One of the biggest
challenges that I see with children with disabilities is becoming their own advocate. My goal is to teach
all of my students how to advocate for themselves. So that’s one of the biggest
challenges that I see, not being able to let people
know what their needs are and what their rights
are and what they need. – I believe the biggest
challenge that we face in higher ed. is
teacher education, preparing special educators to enter the 21st
century classrooms. Therefore, at UMass we
are taking a lot of time in teacher preparation
assuring that the teachers know the theoretical base as
well as the practical base so that they can face
the students that are now in the classrooms. – Think one of the biggest
challenges is knowing how to do inclusion
and to do it well. It’s one thing to say
you know we just need to place kids in that gen. ed.
setting as much as possible but if they don’t get the
supports that they need then you’re not going to really
be effective necessarily. – The biggest challenge in
Singapore I would say first would be the public awareness. Of course we have come a long
way but still it is an issue where special needs is concerned so a lot of campaigns
are running on but still a long
way to go all right and when it comes to school
I would say the number of kids, the increase
in the number of kids with autism is also a challenge and then to equip ourselves
with the right techniques to deal with such
kids is also a problem so attending such conferences I think would help us to build up on resources and it’s good for our
personal development. (soft piano music) – CEC TV is brought to you by the Council for
Exceptional Children for more content like
this check out some of our other videos and learn more about
the latest in education for people with disabilities.


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