What Makes the Evening Master’s Program Unique?


The Harris School of Public Policy created
the Evening Master’s Program because there really wasn’t
anything else like it in the city of Chicago. Our classes are offered downtown
in the incubator space of 1871. Nowhere else can a
working professional find training in data
analytics, economic analysis, as well as insights
into the policy making process. Our students are really
passionate about making a really deep impact
in either their careers or their communities,
and really the world. They’re accomplished, motivated,
high achieving leaders that come from a really
diverse set of backgrounds, making for that rigorous debate
that the University of Chicago is known for. What separates Harris from
other public policy schools is also what makes
it so challenging. Our world class faculty
push our students harder than they’ve ever been
pushed before in the classroom. One time per
quarter, students are brought to the home of Harris
Public Policy, the Keller Center. We bring in two of our
most renowned faculty to teach our students
how to use some of the most advanced techniques
in research and analysis. In a world that we live in today
that’s full of so much data and information, it’s
critical that students are able to analyze that
information so that they can have the biggest impact. This program is where
passion meets rigor.


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