What students really think about school shootings

I was born only a year after Columbine, Called one of the worst school shootings in our nation. Every couple of months, every
couple of weeks, throughout my entire life – Virginia Tech. Newtown. 29 dead. 26 who were killed, children. We had seen it disappear, we had seen people forget. It’s not the time to talk about gun
control. Gun control is not the answer here. If all our government and president can do is send “thoughts and prayers,” then it’s time
for victims to be the change that we need to see. The students of Marjory
Stoneman Douglas High School are changing the narrative around school
shootings. Why should they listen to me? Because I had to sit in a classroom, in
the dark, next to 20 of my friends watching us all
text our parents that we love them, because we didn’t know if the shooter
was going to come up to our door. That’s why I’m credible. We wanted to know what
other students might be thinking, so we asked. And got over 1,600 responses. Generally I think I could say I feel
pretty safe in my school. I should feel safe. I definitely don’t feel safe at
schools right now. *Scoffs* Well, no. No. It’s a clear “no”. School shootings have kind of just been a lot this year. What if we’re next? I feel very safe. Our school just spent a bunch of money on like,
security upgrades, which you know. Perhaps I’m just telling myself I’m safe, because
I want to be. We do have campus carry here. I do
sometimes feel safer when I’m with my friends that I do know like, have
concealed carry weapons with them. I sit in school in fear, because of the status
quo. Ever since I was a kid really that I can remember, I remember school shootings
being a thing. I haven’t felt safe since Sandy Hook happened and I was only in
like sixth grade back then and I just haven’t really felt safe, I’ve always had
some kind of anxiety going into school. Maybe this is a real possibility, like
this is something that could happen to me. Yeah I feel safe, but there’s this
part of me that wonders if I should be feeling safe. The lights went out in the
library a few days ago and everyone was just kind of prickled up like, what’s
going on? Do we need to run? Do we need to hide? We do routine lockdown drills. This is pretty terrifying, the fact that we have
to sit here and pretend that a shooter is coming into our school. We have a
policy that’s called “Run Hide Fight” for an active shooter. I am lucky enough that
I have a school with outdoor hallways which means, in an event of an evacuation
I have much more exit points than a normal school would. I know a couple spots
that I could potentially hide in if they were unlocked. They say, “oh if they come
into your classroom start throwing textbooks, start throwing desks, go and
punch them and that’s gonna do nothing.” What do I think of teachers having
access to guns? I don’t like the idea at all. It’s a terrible idea. Quite possibly
the stupidest situation I could ever think of. Arming teachers is
normalizing school shootings. It could be beneficial, but it has to, I mean it’d have to
be done right. Teachers with guns is like not a good teaching environment for
young kids who need like sunshine and rainbows. I would feel much safer
actually, with them being armed. The day I recorded this, March 14th, 2018 a student
in California was injured because of a teacher having a firearm and
accidentally discharging it in the classroom. This plan reminds me a lot of what
students call “bullsh*t.” We need to start thinking about what we can do before the
gun enters the school. One solution could just be having metal detectors. Universal background checks, raising the age by a firearm to 21. I’m not one for banning guns, because I feel like there are good law-abiding citizens that
deserve to have the right to have a gun. If your right is apparently harming the
lives of other students, it shouldn’t be considered a right anymore. I think really the only guns that should be allowed at the most are hunting rifles. The average citizen does not need to be able to purchase any of the AKs, the 47
the 10. Any of those. Regulate ammo a lot more. Nothing in the Second Amendment
states anything about ammo. Would it be so bad to consider similar laws to what
exists in the UK and Australia and Canada and all of these places where
they don’t have a mass shooting every week? Our government needs to really step
up and do what they’re supposed to do, because it seems like students now are
being the leaders that our leaders are supposed to be. I feel like there isn’t really
much I can do because you know I’m like one person, but I feel like we can all do
something together. I just wrote a letter to my senator. If I can talk to Congress,
I would just you know flat out say “put more security in schools.” Stop taking money from the NRA. I don’t understand how anyone can feel okay with themselves
knowing that students are dying and you have an opportunity to fix it and you’re
not. It’s not the liberal lobbyists that the NRA has to fear, it’s not our
representatives, or even our senators. It’s not our parents. It’s us. And you should be scared. I’m 18, I voted in my primaries. I’ll be able to vote in the
next elections, so. I’ll be 18 next month, so I will be able
to vote in midterms. We need to vote people out who take money from the NRA. Let our legislators to know that we are not gonna remain silent, that we demand
change. And they should really be the ones dedicating time to thinking and
solving these issues, not a 15 year old like in a classroom. I just want to say
thank you to the 1,635 students that wrote in to us from around the world. I’m sorry we couldn’t put every single one of you into this video, but trust me we read every word you sent in and it was
integral to us making this video. Thank you.


For more insights, take a look at the national polling of young Americans on gun control: http://bit.ly/2G68EHd

The polling indicates that while young Americans are divided on gun restriction measures, many are decidedly not fans of the NRA.

The cheap and easy school shooting solution !!!
USE ONLINE SCHOOLS, no shooter, no building needed, Lower taxes, less teachers needed, no driving your children back and forth to school every day, No support staff needed, and less government involvement. ITS A WIN WIN FOR THE PEOPLE

All the students should vote and fight for what’s right don’t let the adults think we aren’t capable of doing anything

How sad to think there is a high chance that at least one of the kids in this video will experience a school shooter.
In America, guns > children's lives

I'm from the UK. We've had one shooting. EVER. And after that laws got even stricter. I've only ever had 2 lockdowns. (I'm in year 8) one for a drill, one for a man with a knife in a park a mile away with mental health problems running around the town.

Nothing but media brainwashing and fear mongering. You are 4x more likely to be killed by your own parents in a car accident, or get wiped out by another person texting and driving. 4x more likely….where is that movement?

We all know the reason for the mass school shootings, we removed God and the bible from the public schools and that is a fact!

My friends stop the school ragging and harassment violence i wrong please stop and more attacks USA schools and world schools my friends stop school ragging and harassment

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After leaving America and in the Philippines going to school… it has been better each day thinking that my classroom door doesnt have a lock.

We can't just simply take guns away, no matter how strict it is, criminals will still get their hands on guns, look at illegal drugs.

I remember our school had an active shooter drill and they wanted to make it as real as possible so they used blanks and lets after more than a few kids started crying and having panic attacks they didn’t do that again.

The U.S has fallen so far. And now students don't even feel safe at SCHOOL. That shouldn't feel good. U.S government? Where are you? Students are dying. Step up.

You like the guns now you have to take the pain guns brings if it is you are right to have a gun it will be your responsibility to feel the pain of the bullet

Baning heroin isnt gonna stop people from takeing heroin just like baning guns isnt gonna stop gun violence
take a look on what is happening in chigago

As an Iraqi I really enjoy seeing those kids suffering, just like American soldiers blow up my school and killed half of my class mates, now drink from the same cup Yankees.

This is not ok. It has gotten to the point we’re I am afraid to be at school. Hearing about all these horrible thing going on almost daily has made everyone afraid and something needs to be done. Teachers with guns are just as dangerous as well. The Government needs to stop worrying about teens juuling for a second and worry about gun violence in schools.

Did that kid just say his friends are allow to have concealed guns? Wow. You guys have a ways to go. I’m sorry.

I kinda don’t get how outdoor schools make it safer, cause it also makes it easier for the shooter to get in

My school is a outdoor, it’s la entrada middle school

2016: an apple a day keeps the docter away! 😁
2019: a.. a.. compliment a d..day keeps a sh..shooter away.. 😥

I mean I wish Their Were no school shootings in USA some day I know that their won’t be school shooting’s some day like my country Australia

Our criminals already have guns. Banning guns in the US won't be like Europe but it would be more similar to Mexico. Definitely need to up security at school with trained guards. Not teachers with guns.

At my sons school they have a guardian who walks around and he asked him what would he do if there was a shooting and he said “go to where ever the shooter is and take him down”

These kids are clueless and it is scary because they are the next generation of government. Gun control isnt about guns it's about control. The best way to stop school shootings is to shoot back. Eliminate gun free zones and watch the shootings decrease dramatically. Our rights were given by God not government so any infringement by government is unconstitutional.

every time america has a mass shooting i come back to this video and hurt all over again. i’m absolutely sick over what lack of protection students have

Second Amendment PEOPLE!!! it's a right to have guns. if we get rid of guns then we give power to the government.
If you don't want any more mass shootings, then maybe think about kids growing up with drugs, because i can guarantee that the people responsible for the killings of innocent people were kids who grew up with drugs!!! and maybe we shouldn't let people free from jail early just because "They were calm and didn't start fights."

I feel safe and I live in the U.S my chance of dying in a school shooting is astronomically low and during a school shooting I would still feel safe my chances of dying are what 13/400 so I feel safe as **

What’s the answer Vox? There isn’t one. What people don’t get is that NO ONE wants people to be murdered. At least I hate it and my heart goes out to these brave kids that have gone through something so tragic. God Bless You.

My school has taught us to barricade the doors and grab something heavy to throw at the shooter.
I hate that we have to do drills for this.

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Scotland had one school shooting in the 90s and after that the countries gun control was made 100 times stricter why won’t America learn?

There was just this incident in CSULB, and I was in the classroom when everyone received a message from the school, saying that 'they just received a credible threat, and warning everyone remain inside of the classroom'. The first thing that everyone thought was a possible active shooter. It was short 20 minuets of confusing and horror. Everyone was very sensitive to loud noises. Somebody moved their chair and made this squeaky noise, and all of the sudden the classroom went all quiet, and everybody turning their head to the entrance door, fearing that it was someone trying to break in. Until 20 minuets later we received a message that the threat was clear. I searched the news later on, it was nothing like school shooting, and nobody got hurt. But the truth is that everyobe in school that day had the same reaction and thought, it really revealed our underlying fear towards the school shooting. This is the fact, it was just a normal day like every other day, and it was just 20 minuets of confusing and horror, and there were so many of the students sending text saying that they love their parents…

I don't feel safe in my school. Our school doors all have locks on the outside so teachers can't lock it from the inside. I don't feel safe having my little sister and brother who just started highschool where people casually say stuff about shooting up the school. We had someone who brought a gun in their backpack a few years ago to our school, and had a school a few times over have a school shooting.

Fear had ran me down of a school shooting or anywhere I’m afraid it’s gonna happen to my school it’s a common fear for everyone

A month and a half ago my school had a football player bring a handgun, we got lucky his friends told teachers and administration and our on campus officer arrested him. Day after, everyone knew and we basically didn't do anything that day. It's scary though because where the football player was is right across my mom's classroom before he got arrested.

my teacher has a knife for cutting Apple's and a gun for a school shooter, and he hides the gun in his desk s but the knife is in his pocket, he is a really nice teacher and has been teaching for 15 years and is 42, oof… ❤❤❤

I've marked a few hiding spots and a lot of strategies in my school in case of a mass shooting; and I'm Iranian. That should really say something

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