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Honey, we can’t wait to meet your girlfriend. We’ve never seen you happier. You guys are gonna Love her she’s amazing and beautiful and such a big difference from any other girl. I’ve ever dated oh Hey Mom dad – Stephanie – it’s so nice to finally meet you both. Hi. This is your girlfriend Yeah, I see what you mean by a big difference Excuse me. Wow I would never have put you two together What do you mean? I’m just used to seeing you with girls Who are fit not not like her a young man introducing his new girlfriend to his parents They’re fit and trim and they think she should be too. He thinks she’s beautiful Just the way she is if you saw this woman being shamed simply because of her weight What would you do? So what do you guys do for fun? I mean besides going out to eat Joining me today is a supermodel who knows all about this issue Sports illustrated swimsuit model Ashley Graham Ashley Graham Welcome to what would you do? Why did you want to take part in what would you do? It’s not okay to look at somebody and think that They’re unhealthy if they’re ugly because a little bit extra weight on their body Let’s go inside Ashley is watching Whitney behind the scenes at the Tom Sawyer diner in paramus? New Jersey as anthony introduces his new girlfriend to his parents. You’re making me so happy right now. Oh fishes Oh my gosh Hi, babe. Hey, Mom dad Stephanie so nice to meet you guys. I’m destiny. Hey My girlfriend yeah, oh yeah. Yeah, yeah, oh wow? You are a big girl Right from the start our parents make things very uncomfortable I don’t all of your other girlfriends work 6:00 and sin, and then you bring about any issues Is the word about life expectancy how the shapes could be? Something you clearly don’t care about your body behind right? There’s a lot of now. It’s ridiculous. You know all right I’m just gonna have to say it back That’s f-word gets the attention of all of these customers I can’t believe you just said well You know what I don’t think anything is going to get through and you just have some respectful I mean, this is my girlfriend. I got to get out of here for a second for the right attorney Particular when Dad steps away this man responds to the parents belligerent language with some of his own nothing Look at her We’re worried about our son I’m just saying what everyone else is thinking maybe you should mind your own business when mom takes his advice and heads out this woman joins in What? Karen, yes Oh, what’s right? May not really were like this in the world Time for Ashley and I to introduce ourself. Hi there who are you? Maybe she’s a model Your message was pretty simple to them just be respectful to other people There’s you don’t like how somebody look of the banner not what’s on the outside What’s in the inside that counts you know I had a poster her tough image You know her I feel The parents shaming of their son’s girlfriend continues all day long You know you usually date took sick girls like walter. You know we Belong this man. He just doesn’t want to hear it too severe, and he moves away These women can’t help but move in to show their compassion I’m sorry Thank you, beautiful this couple they share a life lesson And most likely it will get right hi there. How are you? Oh my God? Oh, don’t cry? I always wanted me They have my legs we roll again Not really his girlfriend said I’m in love with this girl. You’re in love with this girl absolutely. I don’t even know what love is When we send our couple away, Erika, Obara doesn’t hold back make sure she hasn’t gravity donuts off the counter You’re meeting observers join and stuff in your honor fears and now getting drowsy Unhealthy that is so how are you going to judge someone by the size of their body without getting to know them personally? Her values are going to rub off on our sons values Yeah, no not if your son’s picture And if you wonder the pearson girls take the lovely woman and all of his girlfriends have been spent because we’ve taught him what? Disappearance have to do with anything I think sure do you have any Hi there. How are you? I’m John quinones. Are you kidding me? Oh my God? You’re in tears tell us. I mean when people just people just on their appearance It was so much personality that like you should get to know them absolutely Ashley has watched the reactions long enough, and now she’s about to experience this scenario Firsthand Wow They were just expecting someone just a little a little different than you. Yeah, what do you need their friends? You’re a big girl. Are you? These two women are shocked by what they’re hearing I’m happy in the solar matters, and now they’re texting each other about what to do I mean, what do you guys have in common? We have a ton of stuff in common we watch movies We’ve only got stuff. I can’t get over it. I can’t accept it you’re huge. You’re too big for my songs at all Let us know when you meet somebody else And now they can’t hold back Ever join them sit over there. I need a hug Looking for all and I remember you asked my today if we didn’t give you a chance And now it’s our chance to introduce Also, speak up not at all Richard the girls beautiful man summer are very very hectic job so I can you believe this conversation You give her a hug. I think if she was crying I felt so family Harlan. How did you do that? I cried because this is a situation. I’ve been in before and it’s never okay We need more women less you guys that stand up for all kinds of women in every situation


  1. "Is it tough to speak up?" "Not at all, we're Jersey girls." Texts eachother to figure out what to say, and waits until the parents leave

  2. Seriously?I find some of these scenarios as just not realistic. I know these folks are just actors and even though they’re doing a good job I just don’t believe that actual parents would completely humiliate their son or daughter if they bring an overweight date to a restaurant to meet them. Give me a break. At the very least if a mother and father didn’t approve of a person that their son or daughter was dating they would wait until they all got home and have the so-called talk with them but in no way shape or form would they make a scene in a restaurant.

  3. She’s not fat she’s thick. I didn’t get a chance to see her butt. but if it’s big she’s definitely a BBW. People are changing now they’re going with girls with big butts and thick body’s

  4. My husband's parents made a big deal about me being Native American. I know this is off key but what difference does it make of someones size, height, race, color, weight, etc….it don't matter. Why do people do this? It makes me sick. People really should mind their own God damn business.

  5. This made me cry cuz the same thing happened with me and my boyfriend his dad called me fat, bUt I tHiNk iM THICC😂 or full with not food BUT with love☺️ LOVE UR SELF EVEN IF UR FAT AKA THICCCCCCCCCCC

  6. I watch these videos a lot and this is the first time that has made me cry. I have a girlfriend who is healthy and a but chubby but she hates herself and self-harms. What that girl said to the parents brought me to tears because I really am afraid of losing her sometimes.

  7. If a boy marries a fatty he is leaving himself vulnerable to all sorts of issues not least finding himself as a carer in his 30s . Life is difficult enough without having a bed ridden gorge to deal with .

  8. I know they are just actors but answer me this, if all of the son's previous gfs were a better match because they were fit then why arent any of them still his gf? Also, if the parents are that superficial, I can only imagine the amount of cheating they probably do when they see someone better looking than each other.

  9. If they love one another what difference does it make. Would they rather have a thin girl who cheats on him than a full figured true love 🤔

  10. Again westerners prove to be fucking crazy with there so called "be yourself". Yes it is wrong for people to be rude at people who are overweight. Whoever, being overweight, especially in this case of the woman in this video who is probably morbidly obese medically speaking is unhealthy and it leads to diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol problems. People should not support that lifestyle for other people and they should not be rude to them as well. It's a sickness and it should be treated.

  11. alright personally, i see both sides, unless she was born that way, was fed too much as a child or something similar, its plain unhealthy to be as chubby as she is even though its nit too extreme. However, the parents didnt have to violate her in public like that and be so unaccepting.

  12. i’m sorry but i couldn’t take my eyes off anthony’s biceps everytime he’d make a slight movement 😔 he and the dad really fine as fuck

  13. When I see a fat person, I see no dedication. I see no commitment. I see no passion for self-improvement. And I see no beauty in that. The moment you glorify a fat person, is the moment you destroy their chances of living a more healthy lifestyle. People need to learn that to be called beautiful, is a testament to how you've carried yourself over the years…and that you're headed to the right direction.

  14. Why did the first guy wait for the husband to walk away? Hes probably afraid dude would whoop that ass. If your going to make a stand, stand up to a dude.

  15. We gonna ignore the fact that Rachell said women shouldn’t be treated like they are unhealthy if they are overweight? Being fat is unhealthy, simple.

  16. I am fat and my boyfriend is fit….we don't care what anyone else say cause he loves me like the way I am
    I wasn't always fat I gained weight since the last 2years but his love for me neber changed…he never told me that I should loose weight…he always says he wants me to be happy and healthy

  17. U can think that their ugly because they have extra weight but don’t say it. If you want to have people think different of you then work out

  18. I'm sorry, this one is a little far-fetched. No parents would make comments to and about the girl right to her face. I could see some parents saying something later, but this just isn't realistic.

  19. Can’t stand when people call bigger people fat to their face like they don’t know 😤😒 like “NOOO SUSAN RLLY?I THOUGHT I WAS RATHER SKINNY”

  20. When they said Big I thought they meant like they would bring someone from my 600lbs life. These women are just like well average every day shapes and sizes.

  21. I just realized that the host of show has a God like role, in that he evaluates people on actions and have them give an account of their behaviour.

  22. Here I am still wondering how stunningly beautiful Ashley Graham could be deemed too fat for anything or anyone in this world. If anything, she's too beautiful for our world. Gosh, these parents are not even that good looking on the outside (yeah, I know they're actors). They should be honored that her genetics could be passed one day to their grandchildren.

  23. Lol just had to say it

    theyr acting is kinda cringy…. i thought dis one is better but the ‘wat ShOuLd I dO’ just made it so unnatural and awkward again…. u guys should prob save that question for the interview
    no hatin just some advise for the show


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