Why do German teachers recommend Cambridge English exams?


The agreement to cooperate between Cambridge English and the ministry of education in Berlin
was signed in 2010 and since then schools have the possibility to prepare their students for Cambridge Exams and to register them for the exams. The preparation takes place within project groups or during the Gymnasiale Oberstufe also in additional courses. In those exams you learn all 4 skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing. And the students learn things they can use in real life. And I definitely recommend Cambridge English. A Cambridge English exam helps my students when they apply for a study programme abroad or in Germany. Universities offer more and more degree courses in English and therefore require a language certificate. Cambridge English exams are very popular because they have a good reputation internationally and they are also recognised worldwide. And when students want to study or work abroad in the future they can be very helpful. That is why we as education administration support the Cambridge activities at schools.


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