Why I Dropped Out Of College


Improvement Pill here, welcome to the Question
and Animation series – where I answer your questions with fancy shmancy animations. If you want your question to be featured in
our next episode all you have to do is comment down below. Today we have a question from Anil who asks
“Is college worth it in 2019?” Ah, I actually have very strong feelings about
this topic – See growing up, my entire life revolved around academics and doing well in
school. My parents – were immigrants – and valued
education above all else. They truly believed that if I got good grades,
if I could get into good schools, that I would be able to live a significantly more successful
and comfortable life than they ever could. I remember being sent to prep school on the
weekends when I was still in elementary school just so I could prepare for a special exam
that would eventually get me into a specialized middle school. One that only had about 60 students per grade. Once I was there, I was sent to even more
prep school so I could get into one of the top specialized high schools in New York City. Which I barely managed to pull off. And once I had accomplished that, the process
repeated itself one last time, and I was pressured to study my way into one of the top universities
in the country. Now throughout this entire process I never
really questioned this belief my parents, my peers, and society drilled into me. Everyone around me said that this was the
best path to go down so I just assumed it was true. But when I got to college – I finally had
time to actually think this through. For the first time in my life I was away from
my family. Away from my parents constantly berating me
to study hard and get good grades. For the first time in my life I actually had
some quiet time to myself – Where I could actually think about what was
going to happen AFTER college. See the thing about college is that there
is no clear next step. It’s not like middle school or high school
where you know exactly what to do next. Which is essentially to move to the next level
of education. After college – it’s really up to you and
what you want from life. So I sat down and thought about my life. And I realized that the only reason I was
attending college was because it was supposed to secure my financial future. In theory going to college was going to guarantee
me a job. A job that pays well. That’s why my parents pushed me so hard when
I was younger right? But when I did my research, I realized that
this was far from the truth. A survey conducted in 2015 asked a large group
of kids who were about to graduate, how much money they thought they were going to earn
75% of them said, that they were definitely going to make more than 30,000$ a year right
out of college with the most common answer being about 60,000$. But when you look at the graduating class
2 years prior. People who already graduated for 2 whole years
– the sad truth starts to seep in. More than 56% of college graduates make less
than 30,000$ right after college. Only 15% of all college graduates will make
more than 50,000$, 2 years after college. My next thought was well ok. Maybe the pay isn’t that great. But at least I’m guaranteed a job right? The media will often say things like – college
degree graduates only have an unemployment rate of about 2%. And what they’re referring to is actually
this chart right here. They’ll say look – the moment you get that
degree, your chances of getting a job doubles. But if you look closely. What does it say at the bottom? Data for persons age 25 and over. Which means #1 they aren’t considering all
the college graduates from the age of 21-24. So if you just graduated and can’t find a
full time job for 3 years you’re not even included in this data. And #2 they’re considering EVERYONE over 25,
so of course if you’re 40 years old you probably have a job cause you had 20 years to find
one. This graph doesn’t give you an accurate assessment
about what having a college degree means right out of college! Right now in 2019. I did some more digging and found a graph
that is a far better representation. A study conducted by Rutgers University found
that only 51% of recent college graduates have full time jobs. Are you kidding me? That’s like investing 4 years of your life
and then flipping a coin to see if you get a full time job. And to make things even worse, out of this
surprisingly low % of college graduates who have full time jobs 50% of them are underemployed
– meaning that they are working in jobs that don’t even require a college degree. Like being a barista at Starbucks, flipping
burgers at McDonalds, or being a secretary in an office. So that means only about 25% of people who
graduate from college get a full time job that actually required that degree to begin
with. Only 1 in 4 people. Think about that for a second. You’re investing 4 years of your life, taking
out tens of thousands of dollars in loans just so you have a 1 in 4 chance of actually
getting a job that needed that degree to begin with. And even if you’re lucky enough to get that
job – chances are you’re not going be to making much. When I discovered all of this, I came to a
conclusion. See I did learn one thing from all my years
in prep school and attending the top schools in the city. I learned how to look at data and make educated
conclusions. College from a logical standpoint, from just
looking at the numbers – does not make any sense. It may have made sense in the past, but as
it currently stands – there’s no point in going to college unless you want to be a doctor,
nurse, engineer, teacher, researcher – etc. If you aren’t 100% absolutely sure what you
want to do with your college degree – don’t go. This was my belief back then, and it’s still
one I maintain today. Now you might be thinking – well Improvement
Pill…if college isn’t the right path to go down, what is? A lot of people worry that if they don’t go
to college they’re going to end up dirt broke living on the streets. And that’s simply not true. If you invest even just a year learning a
valuable skill – a skill that is actually in demand right now – you will most likely
make just as much and probably even more than you would have if you were to go through all
4 years of college. And you don’t have to take out tens of thousands
of dollars in loans in order to do so. In fact you can even do it for free or for
just a couple hundred dollars. Don’t believe me? Well about a year ago I started promoting
a program run by a good friend of mine Seth Hymes. He teaches something called digital marketing
which is essentially helping businesses grow their online presence. This isn’t something that’s taught in school
at all – and it doesn’t take a genius to realize that this is a pretty valuable skill to have. I mean just look around you – everything
is online nowadays. And ever since I started promoting this course,
we’ve received dozens of testimonials from people as young as 18 who managed to land
jobs in the digital marketing field. And on average it doesn’t take 4 years. Not even 2 or 1 to get the experience needed
to land these jobs. In many cases, these students are getting
jobs just a couple of months after completing Seth’s course. Some even get hired literally a month after
they start the course. And to top that off – most of these people
are making anywhere from 40-60,000$ entry level right out the gate. That’s right we’ve had 18 year old kids who
went through the course, landed a job, making more money than recent college graduates. Seth himself personally went down this career
path before making the course and was making around 100,000 a year in just 4 years. If this is something you’re interested in,
if you’re looking for what I truly believe to be a safer – and smarter alternative
to college, you can learn more about by checking out a free video training series we put together
on Digital Marketing by clicking on the link in the description box below. I highly recommend you to check this out if
you’re someone who likes the idea of a career path that often lets you work remotely from
wherever you are in the world and make a decent living at the same time. Full Disclosure, this is an affiliate link
so I will be getting a small commission if you do decide to join seths course after going
through the entire free training. But I’ll be honest the only reason I like
promoting his course is because, I truly believe in what he teaches. I mean look at what I’ve built with this channel. I’m living the life of my dreams, making more
than any of my peers – traveling the world most of the year – because of digital marketing,
because I understand how the internet works. Now before we go I do want to rant a little
bit more about how much I dislike college. It’s been many many years since I dropped
out of college and I still keep in touch with a lot of the people I met back then. And out of all of my friends, acquaintances,
and classmates – I can only name a few that actually make a decent amount of money with
their college degree. The majority of the people I know from back
then are still making less than 60,000$ a year – which is barely enough when you’re
living in a place like New York City. And not a single one makes more than 6 digits
a year. NOT A SINGLE ONE. I have friends that spent over a year just
applying to jobs trying to get something – anything. Eventually having to settle for a job far
below their standards. Disappointed because they gave up 4 years
of their life and because they will still be in debt for years to come. There are so many other alternatives out there
that are better than college. I recommend you do your own research and find
out more about your other options. But again if you’re interested in learning
more about digital marketing and would like a career that allows you to work remotely
while still making more than most college graduates do. I highly recommend you check out Seths free
training by clicking on the link in the description box below. Besides that guys stay tuned.


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  2. The people who can't find jobs are the underprepared. There's always the job you think you want, you just have to prepare before go hunting.
    'sharpen the axe'

  3. Honest Question: Can this be applied in the Philippines?
    Right now I'm a 2nd year student attending a State University (Free Tertiary Education) with the course BS. Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering. I'm starting to think that maybe college is not for me. Please do reply and give me some recommendations or opinions

  4. So are you talking about USA? because where I live studying is really cheap. Andthe job situation is definitely not as bad as in the US.

  5. In New York, I’m going for free pretty much so I’m just taking it because it is pretty useful to have but I’m also developing my other skills on the side

  6. I had personal and financial reasons for dropping out. My school was pretty liberal, but It didn't get too crazy until the 2016 election where students and teachers alike were crying like newborns (seriously) and conservative and libertarian students were often harassed or just given the cold shoulder. It never turned violent, but there was name calling and even slandering just for being conservative or having a different political opinion.

    And then, like Evergreen, students protested and made a bunch of ridiculous demands to the school (increase student salary to $15 per hour, admit more African students, make all bathrooms gender neutral, etc.). The school agreed to some of the demands and increased student's salary……but also increased tuition….

    Personally, I hate politics, but what I hated more was being around such close-minded people. Not only that, but my classes were just leftists ideology (I majored in Asian Studies but it might as well have been women's studies or political science and, yeah, it was a worthless degree). Pretty much, I was wasting my time and the little money I had. Not only that, but I would have to take out more student loans? That didn't make any sense to me, so I dropped out.

    Its been 10 months since then and I'm still unemployed. I'm currently learning how to code and building my portfolio while applying for office and retail jobs, but I've only had a handful of phone interviews and about 5 one on one interviews. I'm getting more interviews now, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong during the interview to actually get the job. Its frustrating, but its better than not getting any responses or recruiters ghosting me.

    Other than that, I'm learning more at home than I was in college, and for free too. Plus, I feel a lot happier 😊

  7. It depends on what your goal is. Yes, if you want a specific career you may not have a choice (doctor, lawyer, psychologist, etc.) or you might just want the knowledge that you can get from experts right in front of you. I can, and have learned from reading books and attending conferences and watching videos, but I prefer having someone in person who I can ask questions and get more details. College is definitely over-sold and not needed as much in some areas as others. It's really a personal choice and weighing the costs and benefits.

  8. For those looking for a formal education path that isn’t for the main doctor, lawyer, etc. GO TO CHEAP LOCAL SCHOOL that you can work of the tuition of simply without taking out a loan. You can still learn in an environment built for learning. Don’t look at private schools or ivy leagues they provide no guarantee but debt. Jobs care on if you can prove you know the stuff. Far more than where you went or didn’t go.

  9. Hi
    Thanks for sharing this ,it's really helpful 💓
    Just wanted to know if I can share this by translating it into another language?

  10. i waisted 5 years of my life in college , and later on it tooks me just one year to find and improve a valuble skill that secures my financial life

  11. Question, what about people who don't know what they want to do in life, as a job, or just in general? Or people with depression, or not sure if they will make it that far in life and it all seems pointless? I am kind of interested in computer programming, specifically game development, or animation, but as someone who can't come up with original ideas, and has no drawing talent, what should I do? Until this video, I've always thought of going to college, and figuring out what I want to do after that. I just don't know anymore.


  12. Hey improvement pill. Love your videos by the way. I was wondering if you recommend pursuing digital marketing while also being a university student. For instance if I were to be offered one of these entry level positions would I have the ability to do that in my own time outside of school? I’ve never made more than minimum wage and I’m in my early 20s so I’m spending more than I’m saving at this point

  13. asian parents can't relate.

    on a serious note, most jobs here in SEA require a degree, even for something general, like minimum requirement. also attending college makes you "know" people around your city, the environment. skipping college means you didn't experience those "learning environment". I can assure that the knowledge from college is not worth the loan and times, but the fact that I actually get better income because I knew these guys from school / college (projects, job opportunities, relations). I think what really matter the most is the environment, especially here in asia, where most rich man and ranked/bureaucrats get their children to college. how to get connection to rich man's project or special privilege from those ranked / bureaucrats ? by going to college where they sent their children was and know / befriend / do projects with them

    I think these would work in US, but before you take this advice, I suggest you remember how things work in your country & are you up for no degree while searching for jobs?

  14. I knew a guy who got a certificate teststing asphalt samples. He worked midnight shift an spent most of the night reading digital comic books.

  15. Those stats don't take into consideration that a lot of the people you meet at college are actually really lazy and don't know what they want. If you try your best to look for opportunities you can do extremely well after college. It's definitely not for everyone but you have more control over whether you end up in the 25% or not than you might think.

    It's also a no-brainer that if you study something pointless that's not going to help you.

  16. Hello Improvement Pill, I have two questions.
    First off, you said that your parents are immigrants. Where are they from?

    Second is my question for a QnA. You travel quite often right? What countries do you like to visit? What are some of the best experiences you've had during your travels? Can you name any experiences that effected your life? (I know that technically this is more that one question).

    I enjoy watching your videos, keep up the awesome work!

  17. This is perfect , right when I don’t feel like college is right for me, right when I am thinking of not going . I even dropped out of my classes. I want to be a nutritionist, they make about 73k.

  18. But also knowing I DONT want to be a college dropout, it sounds horrible and I want to have a degree, but how do people know colllefe is right for them and that’s what I’m trying to get at.

  19. It's a very personal decision. College, university, trade school, apprenticeship, on the job training, or whatever road you decide to take — each one is right for SOME people. Not all. The most important education is learning to think and to make decisions for yourself, based on YOU.

  20. I am about to drop out of college for better opportunities. I did really well on school and always asked when i needed help. I attended summer school, and tutoring. But for some reason we live in a society where we are all taught to go to school to be successful. My dad is an immigrant and he did not even make it past 6th grade. He is very successful. He is a plumber contractor making around 700k a year. I wanted to go to college to be something he wasnt able to aquire. i moved to another state to attend college. My current job is ass. I get payed 250$ a week as a part time job, barely making it out. I have cousins who studied for years and are still in debt, barely making it out. I feel that this decision will make a huge impact, but it will definitely be worth it. I also feel that if you have a goal and work hard enough, you will be successful no matter what the road is like.

  21. Ok, but what if my parents still pushes me to study on college and finish it?
    I guess my only hope is try a way to study in the digital market, while going to college and working to help my family.
    Maybe also start a channel (I've always wanted to try)
    I mean who needs to sleep, am I right?
    Or social life Am I right?
    Man I'm only 19 and already wants to give up, But Ik that's not the right path, let's do this work, even if I need to do it, the hardest way possible!!!!

  22. Of course GOING to college itself isn't gonna solve a single problem on it's own. With no effort coming along with it it does make no sense. If college is a way for you to artificially prolonge your childhood then it deffinitely is pointless. However, I do believe that getting the theoretical knowledge makes learning a lot easier in future. The market and technology are constantly evolving so one should not give up learning after graduating.

  23. Thank you Improvement Pill not only for your channel that giving us advice and knowledge on different subjects. But for also telling us with is video the cold hard truth of college. I am going to watch the digital marketing video because I to want to start my own YouTube channel but understand that there is more marking involved when growing a channel

  24. You said you went to one of the best schools in the country so you are smart enough to release that "college" is too general of a topic to advice people to go to college or not. If you are here wondering if you should, you have to look at your specific bachelor or field. Also there is a bit of conflict of interest here innit?

  25. What did your parents say when you decided to dropout? . I wish I could drop but im forced to be here and really see no future if I keep going on.

  26. The person who is helping my son to get a job, because he has to work, told my son that either he goes to college for four more years or basically be jobless, moneyless and homeless for the rest of his life. Over here, companies demand a university degree. Yes, really. And it's really not worth it.

  27. I was like you, but I became disilusioned few years earlier. It was study, study, study until I got to highschool, where I realized that "hey, I'm alive" and ditched the "grades define you" mindset. And guess what? I still graduated with very high score.

    I've been to one uni major, quit it after one semester, in a week I'm starting another (here in Europe, it's free). I am an aspiring artist, working my ass off to get better and it works. Honestly, if uni here was as expensive here as in the USA, I wouldn't bother at all.

  28. Doubt anyone will even see this, but what’s your opinion on art school? Should I go to an art school or not, and if not what are the alternatives??

  29. Really loved this video Improvement Pill! Got me thinking and I think after community college I may just keep with the associates degree and learn some specific skills and do what I want! I too want to travel the world and network to make more impactful relationships. 🙂

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  31. How to deal with family members like uncel, aunty, cousins, and grany that look down on you, say that you are trash and you can't do it?, please answer this, I'm very stressful

  32. I was able to appease myself watching this video cause I was kicked out from collage but I'm not gonna be a beggar as people think around me , I 'll struggle in any case

  33. No one ever said college would "guarantee" you a job. A degree widens your prospects of what you are qualified to apply for. A degree on it's own is also not enough in most cases. You might not like this but these are not regular three to four year jobs we are talking about. These are careers which you are expected to invest your whole life into. Getting a career isn't like getting a job at Fred's Grocery Store. It will take the culmination of years of education and experience and even then you are still working your way up.

  34. I fully agree with everything said in this video as I have lived it.
    I studied to be a graphic designer, even doing a digital media course to give myself a wide level of skills.
    Then I graduated with top grades and spent 3 years intensively trying to find a job, whilst doing freelance work. "Not what we're looking for", "overqualified", "we'll get back to you" I heard it all. Some jobs even had a requirement of 2-3 years of experience in an "in house" role.
    This was not helped by no longer having access to the ever-evolving adobe software which I couldn't afford on a part-time job, aside from Photoshop elements. Without access to the software, my skills couldn't be frequently used and became dulled over the following years.

    7 years later I applied for an assistant design job at a games company, such a role for the very company that in part made me choose to pursue a career in Graphic Designer was a dream come true.
    I wrote a 2-page cover letter and completed the 3 tasks given before the interview to a high standard.
    I was then interviewed by a gentleman with the lead designer observing in the background.
    They loved my freelance work and was impressed with how I had approached the tasks, then came questions of in house experience. Despite answering them to the best of my ability using my history of Freelance work the atmosphere changed!
    The lead designer body language screamed sudden disinterest; sighing, looking at her watch. While the man continued the interview she had clearly written me off due to a lack of experience.

    10 years after graduating and I'm still in retail, looking for a career path that won't lock me out due to experience and that I can be invested in.

    So due to the heavy focus on experience over skill, I strongly believe paying the amount for a Uni/College education isn't worth a damn now days.
    If I could go back I'd do an apprenticeship, at least then I would have no only valuable on the job experience but also a reference from someone within the industry.

  35. In Australia we have university and have hex-debts, which are paid off slowly over the years with no interest. The uni costs about $20,000 -$50,000 for 3 years, and here most jobs prefer you to have done a uni degree on it

  36. I needed to show my mother this when I said there’s no reason for me to be studying mass communications and learning how to edit videos lmao. 😭

  37. I don't know what to do. I'm really passionate about building my personal development YouTube channel. I currently work is sales for a personal development/law of attraction coaching company and it's the job of my dreams but it's been hard to make much more than minimum wage consistently even though I've been working my but off the past 15 months here.

    While working full time, I'm taking college classes online mostly because my wife insists, and I like the idea of getting an education in the field of psychology, but I more so see myself making a living through a business with my YouTube channel. Bottom line is, I don't know what to do now for work because my wife is pregnant and also going to school, so I'm the only one of us working and this job isn't paying the bills.

    I don't know what to do and while I'm excited and ambitious for the future, I'm also falling apart and feeling lost.

  38. does the video apply globally or only in ur area?..i live in sourh east asia pecifically singapore and im wondering if i could go down the same path

  39. I'm in last year of university, and I want going to development self for prepare internship next year..what should I prepare except reading books?

  40. I just dropped out because it was a waste of my time and extremely draining. I am now following my dreams instead 😊

  41. a general sweeping statement that school isn't worth it is utterly wrong. When you look at data as u specific as yours, you completely confuse the facts. People learn vastly different things in college. Some go into engineering, some go into economics and business, some do biology/Chem (premeds usually), some go into humanities.

    Many of those majors come out of college with a much higher Than 25% chance of getting a job.

    Furthermore, if you know what general career you are aiming for, do you REALLY want to be the exact average guy, who puts in an average amount of work, and on average has a 25% chance of getting a job?!!?

    I'll also examine your interpretation of the 25% statistic. This doesn't mean that every person has a 25% chance of getting a job. If you work harder, gain relevant experience from clubs and networking. Your chance of getting a job will be wildly higher than 25%. On the other hand, if you are lazy, and expect just your grades to get you a job in college, you will end up with a lower than 25% chance of getting a job. (for some majors even if you are lazy, you may still be above 25%!)

    There are so many problems with your reasoning that I can't even cover them all without sitting down and spending half an hour listing them out.

    In the end, I'm glad it worked out for you, but you cant go around using your influence to tell unsuspecting people that college is not worth it in general. (there was very very little acknowledgement that college is useful for ANYONE in the video).


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